"You smell like Nivea baby butter": Twitch star HasanAbi hugs Sykkuno and sends fans in a frenzy

HasanAbi gave Sykkuno a tight hug (Image via HasanAbi)
HasanAbi gave Sykkuno a tight hug (Image via HasanAbi)
Nakul Ahuja

The internet went crazy when Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker, Sykkuno, and TinaKitten met earlier today. However, the most wholesome part of the reunion was HasanAbi and Tina giving Sykkuno a big hug. Hasan couldn't stop himself from complimenting the Among Us sensation and said:

"You smell incredible holy s**t. You smell like f****ng Nivea baby butter."

Sykkuno might be a mean machine on the streets of Los Santos, but he is a timid person IRL. He didn't know how to respond to the compliment and implied it was not a big deal.

At the time of writing, the reason behind their reunion is unclear. However, HasanAbi stated on numerous occasions how his head was spinning from how hungry he was.

It is unclear why the trio met (Image via HasanAbi)
It is unclear why the trio met (Image via HasanAbi)

As expected, the video went viral on Twitter, and fans couldn't hold themselves back from giving their take on the unlikely reunion.

hasan saying sykkuno smells amazing after hugging him and then telling tina to smell him πŸ’€
hasan, sykkuno, and tina with their hugs <3 #13, #28, and #1106 are just so attractive and they better know it!!
Tina and Sykkuno both have clear phone casesHasan: having a clear phone case and cuffed jeans is bisexual behavior Sykkuno: *proceeds to cuff jeans*
Sykkuno: "guys, nobody recognizes me when I'm out there"Also Sykkuno when he's out there:
Tina the homie πŸ’•Love how they respected sykkuno's request πŸ‘
tina yelling at sykkuno across the room to look outside πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ίmy beloveds
hasan: I hired him to clean the bathroom and then we robbed the bank togethersykkuno: yeah, I remember thattina: wait, that was your bathroom cleaning arc? that was back then?hasan: he started from the bottom and literally crashed it, he was the best hacker in the city
hasan: folks, sykkuno? just as handsome in real lifesykkuno: what the heckhasan: I'm just gonna keep gassing you up dude

HasanAbi and Sykkuno face backlash after Twitch leak

HasanAbi has always maintained a socialist stance and has been pretty vocal about it. The controversial streamer has also been pretty articulate about the money he makes and has reiterated on several occasions that the rich, including him, should be taxed more.

When the Twitch leak revealed every streamer's earnings, his fans were not surprised. However, he received backlash for purchasing a house in West Hollywood. His honest patrons believe he should've bought a far less lavish house to support his socialist stance.

On the flip side, others believe that the size of his house doesn't matter as long as he remains true to his cause.

Sykkuno, on the other hand, received hate for "poor baiting" his fans. Sykkuno joked about an incident from his childhood where a leak caused his water bill to rise excessively. He joked about how he had to start streaming to pay it off.

The Twitch leak revealed how the Among Us sensation made upwards of $110k in September alone, which didn't sit well with his fans.

However, the GTA RP streamer revealed how that was just a joke. Regardless of the amount of money he makes, he is just another guy who loves to stream video games and chat with friends.

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