"That was my friend from highschool": YourRAGE defends Adin Ross after latter is accused of using homophobic slur on stream

YouRAGE comes out to defend Adin Ross on Twitter after the latter gets accused of using homophobic slurs on stream (Images via Adin Ross and YourRAGE/Twitter)
YouRAGE comes out to defend Adin Ross on Twitter after the latter gets accused of using homophobic slurs on stream (Images via Adin Ross and YourRAGE/Twitter)

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Adin Ross came into the spotlight after a fifty-second clip of his interaction with a content creator named YourRAGE started to go viral on Twitter.

On April 12, 2022, a tweet by Jake Lucky caught the eye of fans and viewers when he posted a clip showcasing and accusing Adin Ross of saying a homophobic slur while not being aware that he was live on YouRAGE's stream.

Following the accusations, fans started to joke around with Adin's name by calling him Adin Moss.

Adin Ross has been accused of saying a homophobic slur (f word) on YourRAGE’s stream while not aware he was live. As a joke chat began referring to him as Allen Moss instead of Adin Ross

After Jake's tweet started to trend on the social media platform, YourRAGE was seen replying directly to Jake's tweet, clarifying that the person in the clip was not Adin and was his childhood friend.

@JakeSucky that was my friend from highschool not Adin Ross You FED.

YourRAGE and others defend Adin Ross when latter got accused of saying homophobic slur on stream

YourRAGE replied to Jake's accusation towards Adin Ross roughly an hour later. According to YourRAGE, Adin was not present in the clip, and it was his high school friend with whom he had the conversation with.

Bruce Ray, a member of One True King (OTK), provided his take towards these accusations.

Jake confronted and inquired about YourRAGE's defense by questioning him about his high school friend promoting the gambling and slots website called Stake.

@YourRAGEz Your high school friend got Stake hours to fill?

Twitch IRL streamer Arab provided further clarification on this subject by stating that he went to school with YourRAGE and the person in the clip was Kyle. He also mentioned that according to him, Kyle impersonates Adin due to his immense popularity.

@YourRAGEz @JakeSucky I went to school with YourRAGE & can confirm that was kyle from high school, buddy used to eat Elmer's glue in the corner. Ever since Adin popped off he's been trying to imitate him to not feel left out cuz he's the only one out of our trio that didn't make it in social media.

Twitter reacts to Adin's accusations

Folks on Twitter had a very polarizing reaction towards this surprising accusation towards the Twitch streamer. Many came out by calling out Jake Lucky, saying that he was trying to direct negative attention towards Adin purely because of his dislike towards the content creator.

@YourRAGEz @JakeSucky Bruh is this man the content creator patrol or sum, he was just on speed the other day 😭😭
@YourRAGEz @JakeSucky dudes tryna cancel everybody for no reason
@YourRAGEz @JakeSucky we lurking in streams to cancel ppl now? wild what not having a job does to people
@JakeSucky there are literally people without houses living in the streets and you care about someone not saying something you dont like

A few tried to stir the conversation on a different note altogether. People on Twitter went on to dig deep into Jake's past and went on to accuse him of being racist.

@JakeSucky W Cribazz…

A few accused Jake of being transphobic.

@JakeSucky This you?…

Ricky Berwick, a well-known YouTuber and influencer, had the following words addressed directly towards Jake Lucky:

"Jesus Christ! Who f***ing cares? You want the world more soft than my f***ing bones, bro?

As of now, Adin has not provided any response towards the accusation of him being homophobic on stream. The Twitter thread continues to gain more traction as people provide their take on this.

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