YouTuber joins Andrew Tate's "Hustler University" and claims it's worse than he thought

Fans react to Andrew Tate's Hustler University (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans react to Andrew Tate's Hustler University (Image via Sportskeeda)

Stephen "Coffeezilla" Findeisen took to his YouTube channel to reveal his experience after enrolling in Andrew Tate's online school called Hustler University 2.0. Tate has quickly become among the household names within the internet community due to his controversial and charismatic takes on different subjects such as women and money.

The YouTuber was not the first to enroll in his so-called money-making course. Over the past few months, the former kick-boxer's online course has made rounds within the YouTube community, and many users have bought into his lessons. However, according to Coffeezilla, his course was no less than a sham.


YouTuber exposes Andrew Tate's online course

Stephen revealed that after enrolling in Andrew's online course, he discovered that the entire coursework consisted of many loopholes and did not provide any constructive way to make money.

Although Andrew Tate has compared himself to the famous TV character Morphues, implying that his course will take the user outside the Matrix, all his course offers is surface-level knowledge on e-commerce businesses. The YouTuber exclaimed:

"You've been told you're gonna escape the Matrix, you're gonna take the red pill. What you end up doing is sort of learning how to run an Amazon side-hustle for Jeff Bezos."

He continued:

"You're not breaking the Matrix. You work for the richest guy in the world"

He further discovered that although Hustler University claims to make its users rich, they have also warped its definition. According to the website, having more than $5,000 is defined as cash-rich. He comically describes:

"The lifestyle we've been sold on here is exotic Bugattis, not extra Starbucks pescettis"

He concluded the video essay by saying that Tate's course is no different than other internet moguls. According to the YouTuber, Andrew Tate is the only person getting a considerable amount of money from the course.

Fans react to the video on Hustler University 2.0

Viewers have been largely skeptical of Tate's new venture. Many people believe that it is no more than a scam. Tate himself has been controversially involved in any fraudulent charges. The following are some of the comments that were made on the YouTube video:

Fans react to Hustlers University 2.0 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans react to Hustlers University 2.0 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Considering that the course charges $50 per user and presently boasts of having over 100K enrolled students, Tate is estimated to earn over $5 million monthly.