Zyol emerges as MVP of PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023 Finals

Zyol bagged MVP award in PMGC 2023 Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Zyol bagged MVP award in PMGC 2023 Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile veteran Zyol from IHC has been declared the MVP of the PMGC 2023 Grand Finals, held from December 8 to 10. He played a significant role in his team winning the prestigious title and becoming the undisputed world champion. The Mongolian club pulled off their first international title after exhibiting thumping performances in the Finals and took home the cash prize of $400K.

Zyol is a well-known PUBG Mobile athlete and has been contesting for more than four years. He was also given the Gunslinger Award for his incredible performance. IHC Esports showcased aggressive gameplay in the Finals, which helped them conquer the competition. The organization was previously known as Zeus Esports and was the second runner-up at the Global Championship 2020.

Top 5 individual players from PMGC 2023 Finals

1) Zyol - 37 kills

Zyol ranked first in the overall kill leaderboard and eliminated a total of 37 enemies in 15 matches. He was phenomenal from day 1 and remained consistent throughout the remaining days of the tournament.

He has been with the club since September 2020. During this period, he has taken 27% of his team’s total kills, which shows how important he is to the roster's success.

2) Top - 28 kills

Top from Stalwart Esports once again delivered a mesmerizing performance at the PMGC. He claimed 28 eliminations and dealt 5869 points of damage in his 15 games. His club was in the race for the trophy till the last encounter but missed out by four points. Top was the MVP of the tournament last year.

3) XZY - 27 kills

XZY from NS RedForce obtained third place in the list with 27 kills and 4820 points of damage. However, his organization had a modest performance in the PMGC Finals as they held seventh position in the overall standings. He also contested amazingly in the League Stage.

4) Suki - 26 kills

Suki from TEC grabbed fourth spot with 26 finishes and 4232 damage. The Chinese team was directly invited to the Grand Finals, but they didn’t perform up to the mark and finished ninth on the leaderboard.

5) DOK - 25 kills

DOK from 4Merical Vibes achieved fifth position with 25 eliminations and 5842 points of damage. He assisted his team in capturing the fourth spot on the overall scoreboard. He gained the limelight in the regional South Asian tournament earlier this year. His squad surprised everyone with their top-tier performance throughout the PMGC 2023.