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Nickmercs forgives Nadeshot, but won't forget

(Image Credit: 100 Thieves)
(Image Credit: 100 Thieves)
Brandon Moore
Modified 08 Sep 2020

Streaming and gaming is a bigger business now than ever before. It makes sense that people take it seriously. There is real money at stake and people's lives depend on the support they receive or promises they are given by others. Popular streamer Nickmercs may know that more than just about anybody. He has grown his brand to become one of the biggest in all of streaming.

That did not come without some hardships, though. While currently a content creator for FaZe Clan, Nickmercs has been very vocal about his time with 100 Thieves. It did not go quite as planned, leaving broken friendships and hurt feelings along the way.

Reason behind Nickmercs and Nadeshot feud

Nickmercs has stated time and time again how promises were broken during his time in 100T. He stated that his goal was to grow his brand and grow 100T to the top of the esports world. He was allegedly promised 5% of the company and blames Nadeshot's lack of CEO experience as why promises went unfulfilled. Nickmercs has previously mentioned other issues with 100T not going in the direction it was originally intended as a reason for leaving.

The disdain is obviously strong on Nickmercs' end, but he once let his community know he doesn't hate the 100T founder.

“I don’t hate the guy; I definitely don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. He and I are not cool — we’ll never be cool. I don’t want nothing to do with him. I’ll never do business with him. I’ll never sit down at a table with him ever again.”


Nickmercs willing to forgive, but won't forget

If what Nickmercs says is true, it is no wonder the situation has unfolded the way it has. Anyone would be upset with someone they called a friend breaking promises such as the ones Nickmercs claims were made. In a recent live stream on Twitch, Nickmercs responded to a donation message asking him if he would ever forgive Nadeshot and be his friend again.

“In life, it's important to forgive, you know? He made some pretty stupid mistakes, in my opinion. I think he knows that. I forgive him, you know, but I don't forget.”

It's obvious that Nadeshot is doing well with 100T and Nickmercs is a highly successful streamer. The hard feelings are most certainly real, though, regardless of the fame or money either have acquired. Only time will truly tell if Nickmercs and Nadeshot will ever come near the level of friendship they previously had. Nickmercs summed it up perfectly with a final statement to the donator:

“I don't know. We'll see.”
Published 08 Sep 2020, 03:01 IST
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