NICKMERCS reveals his plans to feed thousands of homeless people on Thanksgiving

NICKMERCS reveals his wholesome plans for Thanksgiving this year (Image via Under Armour)
NICKMERCS reveals his wholesome plans for Thanksgiving this year (Image via Under Armour)
Riddhima Pal

On a recent livestream, NICKMERCS revealed his plans for Thanksgiving this year, and those plans melted his audience's hearts. The streamer revealed that he, along with his team and father, will be giving out a thousand meals to poor and homeless people on Thanksgiving day.

Nick explained that he has the whole thing planned out in detail and that the idea came to him during the MFAM Barbecue he held earlier this year.

NICKMERCS planned this Thanksgiving event during the MFAM Barbeque

During a recent livestream, Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff looked back on his massive MFAM Barbecue and saw streamers such as SypherPK and TimTheTatman in attendance.

However, the streamer shed light on the fact that while there were a lot of activities planned out for fans, many of them were simply there to meet him so they waited patiently and crowded around, blocking the way for a lot of other people.

When you're about the big life, you're in it all the way.Big shots, big moves and big love.@NICKMERCS and the MFAM - doing big things only on Twitch.

The streamer then revealed that he had made plans to feed the homeless and the poor on Thanksgiving. NICKMERCS, along with his father and his team, have bought one thousand turkeys that will provide meals for people in need.

"So here’s what me, my team, and my dad have done. We bought a thousand turkeys. We have a location and a time and have it bought out. What we did was we went to the boys and girls clubs, homeless shelters, and a bunch of other places for people in need. We made them aware that on this day and time we’ll be supplying dinner."

NICKMERCS revealed that he did not want to make it a community event, since it would mean that people in need of food would have to swerve around people waiting to meet the streamer.

"I had this thought of someone needing a meal that day, but they had to weave around people with a sharpie and t-shirt waiting to meet me."

NICKMERCS reassured his fans that he will upload a video of this venture on his YouTube channel, so they can get a glimpse of his heartwarming event.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider
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