NICKMERCS reveals how Warzone is gradually "falling off"

NICKMERCS tired of cheaters (Image via NICKMERCS YouTube)
NICKMERCS tired of cheaters (Image via NICKMERCS YouTube)

Nick NICKMERCS Kolcheff is perhaps one of the most popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamers on the internet right now. Sadly, he expressed his disappointment with the title during one of his recent streams and revealed how the title is "falling off."

Warzone, like other Battle Royales, isn't immune to cheaters and hackers. Several prominent professional players and content creators have spoken at length about the issue. Even though the title has been a tremendous success for Raven and Activision, players feel the title isn't as exciting as they thought it would be.

This is because cheaters have plagued the title even after Raven's countless efforts to combat the problem. NICKMERCS joins a list of some of the most elite content creators who have spoken about the issue.


During one of his recent streams, the American streamer said:

"A lot of people in my chat, a lot of people on my socials been talking about it, is Warzone dying? The biggest problem right now is hacking. There’s no anti-cheat, it’s not a shocker. You guys know that, I know that. It’s very very difficult to play the game of Warzone because one, there’s a lot of people cheating and two, you never know who’s cheating. It’s become relentless."

NICKMERCS also alluded to the possibility of other content creators leaving Warzone for greener pastures. He cited TimTheTatman playing New World as a perfect example of this. Just recently, Dr Disrespect, too, uninstalled Warzone after claiming that it was boring.

In addition, the 30-year-old streamer also pointed out that Fortnite has been an escape for him. Sadly, even competitive scenes have more or less died out with several pros being accused of cheating.

Apart from Warzone, Valorant and CS:GO struggled with hackers as well

Riot Games' Valorant, too, struggled to keep cheaters at bay when it was introduced to the gaming circuit.

However, the devs soon introduced Vanguard to combat this problem. Valorant, more or less, has managed to keep cheaters and hackers away from the title.

It is safe to assume that Valorant learned its lesson from CS:GO, which was struggling with the same issue.

Valorant and CS:GO too struggled with cheaters (Image via Activision)
Valorant and CS:GO too struggled with cheaters (Image via Activision)

Several pros were involved in a cheating scandal in 2020. While the community was still recuperating from its effects, the 'coach-bug' scandal made headlines.

True, titles like Valorant and CS:GO don't qualify as BRs. But the example just reiterates how titles under different segments have struggled to keep combat cheating.

Before concluding his statement, NICKMERCS also pointed out that Warzone can be saved if Activision and Raven come up with a better idea.

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