NiER Reincarnation Final Fantasy collaboration - All new characters, events, and more

NiER Reincarnation x Final Fantasy XIV: Evrything you need to know (Image via Square Enix)
NiER Reincarnation x Final Fantasy XIV: Evrything you need to know (Image via Square Enix)

NiER Reincarnation, one of Square Enix's most popular JRPG titles, has recently announced the game’s latest collaboration news. This turn-based gacha RPG title will soon team up with Final Fantasy XIV, another successful release by the same developers. According to the latest information, this crossover will include some limited characters from a previous event, along with three new characters and a few new cosmetics.

The crossover will bring new quests, characters, and outfits, making the game even more interesting for the players. This slowly but steadily growing gacha title from the NiER series has been involved in different events, from new in-game stories to different crossovers. Therefore, fans are also excited about this new crossover event.

NiER Reincarnation FFXIV collaboration: all the new characters and outfits

Per the available information, the collaboration event marked its official beginning date on May 10, 2023, and will continue until June 13, 2023. So there is enough time for the players to enjoy everything included in the event.

Being a rerun of a previous event, the collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and NiER Reincarnation title will bring a few of the same characters from that event. However, three new characters and some new outfits will also be available.

The new outfit of Rion will be based on the White Mage job from Final Fantasy XIV. You can obtain this by getting the "Phantasmal Exile" character. Noelle’s character outfit will be based on the Dragon Job from FFXIV and will be named "Phantasmal Weapon." Another character from NiER Reincarnation, 063y, will also get a character outfit based on The Dark Knight. This one will be known as "Phantasmal Prisoner."

There are some new faces in the game as well. These are the Black Mage Saryu, Samurai Yudil, and Red Mage Lars. These new characters will arrive equipped with unique skills and special kits that will be some amazing inclusion in your in-game team.

NiER Reincarnation FFXIV collaboration: new events, rewards and more


In this collaboration, players will get the chance to take part in some new quests and events. There are also a bunch of rewards for the players from these event missions. The rewards include some premium currency, which can help you upgrade materials to improve the characters in your team.

That is everything about the NiER Reincarnation FFXIV collaboration that gamers are excited to know about. If you like gacha games, check out the tier list of other titles like Punishing Gray Raven here.

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