“Do you have a crush on Pokimane?”: Nmplol asks Mizkif an interesting question during a lie detector test

Mizkif (Left) was asked if he had a crush on Pokimane (Center) by Nmplol (Right) (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mizkif (Left) was asked if he had a crush on Pokimane (Center) by Nmplol (Right) (Image via Sportskeeda)

During the latest OTK stream, Mizkif was asked a very personal question about his true feelings for the popular female streamer Pokimane.

Mathew "Mizkif" and Nick "Nmplol" are two members of One True King (OTK), a group that features an extremely wide variety of streamers who often create collaborative content together. Their most recent addition is BruceDropEmOff, a streamer who has been rising through the ranks on Twitch.

The latest group stream featured as many OTK members as possible to celebrate the official announcement of BruceDropEmOff joining, with each member going through a lie detector test. While each member was hooked up to the machine, their friends could ask them very personal questions they were forced to answer, with each question becoming more personal than the last.

While Mizkif was hooked up to the machine, he was approached by Nmplol, who was prefacing his question to build tension, clarifying that this question was from his girlfriend Malena. He said:

"Now, this one you prabably will get mad at me for asking, okay? This one's from Malena: Do you... Have a crush... On Pokimane?"

Nmplol asks Mizkif if he has a crush on Pokimane

While Nmplol stretched out his question to add tension and make Mizkif nervous, he simply answered the question with one word, delivering it in a calm, collected tone. He said:


After he answered the question, everyone went quiet in anticipation, waiting to hear a response from the lie detector operator. BruceDropEmOff leaned over to look at the machine's output, commenting on the fluctuations in his heart's activity, with the machine's operator chiming in afterwards.

"I don't know man, your heart started racing..." / "I mean, it's more than the last few questions, but it's not a huge spike."

Following the confirmation that he was telling the truth, the streamer then made a very general statement about all of the female guests he has on his streams, saying he is not attracted to any of them in any way.

"I do not have a crush on Pokimane. Any girl that I do any content with, I am not affiliated sexually or aroused to them."

Rich Campbell, another member of OTK, asked him another question relating to his girlfriend Mia Malkova. Miz responded quickly, almost as if the answer was obvious.

"Have you ever mas***bated to my girlfriend?" / "Yes"

Many fans reacted to the clip on YouTube, where many made funny speculations about the way he answered the questions, while others commented on the last joke made by Rich.

Fans react to the clip (Image via Nmplol Clips YouTube)
Fans react to the clip (Image via Nmplol Clips YouTube)

Even though Mizkif was hooked up to a lie detector test, most fans are quite certain that he didn't need to be to answer that last question.

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