No Man's Sky brings back Expeditions, provides another chance to unlock SSV Normandy SR1

SSV Normandy SR1 in No Man's Sky (Image via No Man's Sky)
SSV Normandy SR1 in No Man's Sky (Image via No Man's Sky)

Fans of the open world survival game No Man's Sky are going to be elated with the recent news coming from the game. Sean Murray, the Managing Director of Hello Games, has confirmed the exciting development on his Twitter handle.

No Man's Sky's Update 3.3 was released on March 31, 2021 across all platforms. It brought in a new mode, titled Expeditions. The official description states:

"Start a fresh journey in a brand new game mode, master a unique set of challenges with revitalized mission mechanics, earn exclusive new rewards, visit bustling hub worlds, and much more!"
Starting today and running through the holidays we will be allowing players to revisit Expeditions they may have missed!❤️Pioneers: 24th Nov – 7th DecBeachhead/Normandy: 8th Dec – 21st DecCartographers: 22nd Dec – 4th JanEmergence: 5th Jan – 19th…

The achievement awards were different and distinct. Being time exclusive in nature, it became impossible for the players who missed the chance to participate in one of the Expeditions. Now Sean Murray has confirmed that all four Expeditions will be available for the players to play again.

When are the Expeditions returning to No Man's Sky

The worlds in No Man's Sky (Image via Sean Murray)
The worlds in No Man's Sky (Image via Sean Murray)

Hello Games, in a press release, accepted the fact that the timed nature of the Expeditions is a constraint on a number of players:

"This has been a very busy year, and the limited-time nature of the expeditions, has meant that it has been difficult for some people to participate in them."

The Expeditions are reported to start coming back on November 24 one by one as they were originally released. The schedule is as follows:

  • Pioneers (Expedition 1): November 24 to December 7 - The first Expedition awarded the players with unique Expedition Patches, Items, Blueprints, Exosuit and Starship slots, and new S-class starships in No Man's Sky.
  • Beachhead/Normandy (Expedition 2): December to December 21 - This will be the most exciting Expedition for players to get a hand on. The final reward for this one is the SSV Normandy SR1, the Mass Effect spacecraft. It was originally released in No Man's Sky, coinciding with Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
  • Cartographers (Expedition 3): December 22 to January 4 - This brings in the Biological Horror as a companion reward in the form of an egg in No Man's Sky.
  • Emergence (Expedition 4): January 5 to January 9 - This was brought out in tandem with the recent theatrical release of Dune. The world of No Man's Sky was filled with terrifyingly giant Titan worms. These could be had as pets too.

Hello Games has done an exemplary job of turning No Man's Sky around after its disastrous release. 2021 has been a massive year for them - the Steam review of the game has reached 'Mostly Positive.'

Expeditions mode has proved to be a hit among the players and the news of them coming back is sure to make the fans happy.

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