No Man's Sky guide - How to begin Expedition 8 Polestar and complete Log 1: Emergency

A view outside the freighter (Image via No Man's Sky)
A view outside the freighter (Image via No Man's Sky)

Expedition 8: Polestar is live on No Man's Sky and will be running for around six weeks, starting yesterday. As is usual with this community mission mode, the expedition brings a slew of rewards for fans to enjoy once they complete the required milestones, the first of which is Log 1: Emergency.

Expeditions are timed events where players "embark on a shared journey" across space to complete a series of milestones and reaping rewards. These special tasks start from a fixed point in the universe for everyone.

In Polestar, players are at the helm of a heavy shipping freighter that is set to warp their metal fortress across the galaxy on an interstellar voyage. They will have to repair the freighter's bespoken technology and try to uncover "the mysterious circumstances that led to its current predicament."

This article provides a guide that players need to follow to complete the first milestone in the latest expedition with relative ease.

How to complete Log 1: Emergency in No Man's Sky

The main screen (Image via No Man's Sky)
The main screen (Image via No Man's Sky)

To begin Expedition 8: Polestar, players need to follow these steps:

  1. Start a new game from No Man's Sky's main menu.
  2. Upon clicking on it, they will find a number of options like Normal, Survival, and more. From these, pick the Community Expedition tab and when prompted, initialize the expedition.
  3. Once players have begun Expedition 8, they will find themselves in a freighter's main room with the captain.
  4. They need to check their Freighter's log. To do so, one needs to find the ship's captain and interact with them. Among the available dialog options, players will be able to see "Access ship's log."
  5. Choosing that will let players know that their capital ship was warping from one system to another when their engines failed and a number of other parts broke down. They cannot continue their journey until and unless they make the necessary repairs.
Talking to the ship's captain (Image via Hello Games)
Talking to the ship's captain (Image via Hello Games)

This will complete the first milestone of Polestar and net players a number of rewards, including Starship Inventory Slot x2, Salvaged Frigate Module, Wiring Loom x2, Cargo Bulkhead, and Purple Paint Freighter Customization.

They can receive these awards by pressing Esc (on PC), going to the Expedition tab, and clicking on the completed milestone.

Completing the achievement (Image via Hello Games)
Completing the achievement (Image via Hello Games)

The list of rewards from Expedition 8: Polestar is as follows:

  • Pilgrim, Polestar, and Heavy Shypping Posters
  • High-Gravity Freighter Trail
  • Outlaw Building Decorations
  • Fleet Commander's Cape
  • Child of Helios Companion
The rewards (Image via Hello Games)
The rewards (Image via Hello Games)

No Man's Sky recently saw its 20th major update, titled Endurance. It brought a plethora of new content and changes to the freighter system of the beloved space-exploration title.

These changes include a more varied freighter base building, expanded further with exterior platforms and catwalks, organic frigates, deep space storms, and more.

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