"Not a big Asian streamer": Disguised Toast reveals bizarre reason why he left Twitch

Disguised Toast explained why he quit Twitch for Facebook Gaming (Image via Disguised Toast on Twitch)
Disguised Toast explained why he quit Twitch for Facebook Gaming (Image via Disguised Toast on Twitch)
Riddhima Pal

Disguised Toast was one of the biggest rising stars on Twitch when he quit the platform for Facebook Gaming in 2019. Naturally, the reason behind his departure was something that baffled many.

Now, after two years on Facebook Gaming, the streamer is bidding adieu to the platform. During a livestream, he revealed the real reason why he quit Twitch back when he did, and it is actually more bizarre than people could have imagined.

Pretty crazy, Twitch lowballed Disguised Toast as they claimed they already had Faker for Asian representation on the platformSo Toast went to Facebook for a contract 30x the Twitch offer…

Apparently, Twitch did not think Disguised Toast was a big enough star for them to sign him for Asian representation.

Twitch lowballed Disguised Toast for Faker from League of Legends

When Disguised Toast left Twitch, many people suspected that his reasons were primarily financial. He confirmed the same during his most recent livestream, saying that he was massively lowballed by Twitch. He revealed that Facebook Gaming was willing to offer him over 30 times the amount he was getting from Twitch. Naturally, he made the shift.

Thank you, @FacebookGaming Today marks my last day livestreaming on the platformThe last 2 years have been some of the best moments of my career and I wish them nothing but success. Can’t wait to see them achieve greater things in the future.

However, why was Twitch lowballing him so much? The streamer also revealed the bizarre reason behind this. Disguised Toast explained that his fans had approached Twitch to sign the streamer for Asian representation since there weren't too many prominent Asian streamers back when Toast started streaming. However, the platform refused the offer, saying that they already had Asian representation in the form of Faker from League of Legends.

Well, this decision may not have been the brightest one from Twitch since the streamer has a huge fanbase across platforms now.

Disguised Toast hints at which platform he might be headed for after Facebook

After Toast announced his departure from Facebook Gaming, there has been a lot of speculation about which platform he might opt for next. Despite his bizarre experience with the platform, Twitch seems to be one of the top contenders in this contest. However, Wang has also expressed an interest in trying out YouTube Gaming.

"If I do YouTube, I can collect an Infinity Gauntlet of all three streaming platforms."

There is still a high possibility that the streamer might keep juggling between YouTube and Twitch, since he is quite big on both platforms. However, he is yet to officially announce anything regarding this matter.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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