Ottero vs Spirit Fox vs Detective Panda: Which Free Fire pet has the best healing abilities?

Comparing all the healer pets in Free Fire to find out which one is the best
Comparing all the healer pets in Free Fire to find out which one is the best
Modified 26 Apr 2021

Garena Free Fire features several pets in the game, and almost every pet has unique abilities. However, some of the most popular pets, Ottero, Spirit Fox, and Detective Panda, have some incredible healing abilities. And many players like to opt for them while playing.

This article analyzes and compares the healing abilities of these three pets to determine which one has a better healing ability in Free Fire.

Assessing the abilities of Detective Panda, Spirit Fox, and Ottero in Free Fire


Ottero in Free Fire
Ottero in Free Fire

Ottero possesses an ability called Double Blubber. Players can use this skill to recover EP by using a Treatment Gun or a Med Kit. The sum of EP recovered is 35% of the total restored HP.

The number of EPs converted rises to 65 percent at maximum pet level 7.

Detective Panda

Detective Panda in Free Fire
Detective Panda in Free Fire

Detective Panda possesses a rare skill known as Panda's Blessings. This ability can restore 4 HP per kill at its default stage. When the ability is maxed out to pet level 7, it can regenerate 10 HP per kill.

Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox in Free Fire
Spirit Fox in Free Fire

Spirit Fox has an impressive skill known as Well Fed. When the player uses a health pack, it can recover an additional 4 HP at the default stage.

When set to pet level 7 and ability level 3, Spirit Fox can recover an additional 10 HP when players use a health kit.


Spirit Fox, Detective Panda, and Ottero have fantastic healing abilities to offer to the players. When considering the healing skills, all three pets are equally useful on the battleground.

However, to determine the best among the three, the ease of use and flexibility of the ability should always be considered. Hence, keeping these criteria in mind, it is safe to say that Detective Panda is the best healer among all other pets.

Panda instantly restores HP as soon as an enemy is killed. And it works perfectly for aggressive as well as passive players. Spirit Fox and Ottero's abilities are also great, but Ottero recovers EP instead of directly restoring HPs, and Spirit Fox recovers HP only when a medkit is applied.

Considering all the aspects of gameplay, Detective Panda is a slightly better choice as a healing pet when compared to the other two.

Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the opinion of the writer. The choice of pets is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual's playing style.

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Published 26 Apr 2021
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