“OTV does it again”: Valkyrae, Pokimane, and more react as OfflineTV raises $18,000 during Charity Valorant Invitational

OfflineTV raises $18,000 with the Valorant Holiday Charity Invitational (Image via Twitter/OfflineTV)
OfflineTV raises $18,000 with the Valorant Holiday Charity Invitational (Image via Twitter/OfflineTV)
Rupesh Nair

OfflineTV's two-day Valorant Holiday Charity Invitational recently ended rather successfully with the popular streaming organization raising a whopping $18,000 for charity.

The event included many of the top streamers of the organization like Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and Sykkuno. Additionally, stars like Valkyrae, Ryan Higa, and others also took part in the fun two-day event filled with hilarious moments and epic plays.

CONGRATS TO @scarra @h7une @peterparkTV @Valkyrae @jummychu2 FOR WINNING THE OFFLINETV HOLIDAY CHARITY VALORANT INVITATIONAL 🏆🎄🥳🥳🥳Thank you so much to all of our friends for playing, the viewers for viewing, and to everyone for helping raise over $18,000 for Thankmas 💝💕

Team Scarra and Valkyrae win OfflineTV Valorant Holiday Charity Invitational

After a hard-fought battle between the different teams, it was Team Scarra who took first place ahead of Team Lillypichu, Team Poki, Team Jojo, and Team Toast.

It was a flawless run for Team Scarra with well-known personalities like Valkyrae and Peter Park. While Team Lilypichu and Team Poki finished with a respectable record of 3-2 and 2-2, Team Jojo and Team Toast were in the losers' column with records of 1-3 and 0-4, respectively.

Valkyrae, Scarra, and Peter Park rejoiced in their victory after the difficult games against the other teams.

We won the otv valo tourny! ☺️so proud of my team, love my friends and can’t wait for the next one 🎉
TEAM SCARRA WAS SO FUN TO PLAY WITH, WE END 5-0 FLAWLESS FOR @OfflineTV VALO TOURNEY!!!GG's to everyone, and i'm so proud of us for playing out of our minds, great comms and the vibes were 👌 @peterparkTV @scarra @Valkyrae @jummychu2

However, the other members of Team Poki and Team Lilypichu were pretty stoked about their performance as well. While they didn't win the tournament, both teams as well as all their fans are pretty happy with what they achieved.

proud of my play today :D sorry if the teams feel unbalanced in any way, it’s reaaally hard to balance things like this 🥲 more fun tmrw ❤️
Man the games were so fun to watch and they were so freaking close. Every team had insane players ~ CONGRATS TO TEAM SCARRA!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Additionally, many streamers were also pretty hyped about the success of the event as well. This isn't the first time the popular organization has produced an event with prominent talent like this.

@OfflineTV @scarra @h7une @peterparkTV @Valkyrae @jummychu2 GGs!!! what an amazing tournament 🤧🤍 OTV does it again
@OfflineTV @scarra @h7une @peterparkTV @Valkyrae @jummychu2 SUCH A FUN TOURNEY THANK YOU OTV!! WOOOO :D and GRATS TO TEAM SCARRA Y'ALL ARE NUTTYY

Fans will certainly remember the plethora of Among Us and Valorant games before. However, they can also agree that this charity event was one of the best ones so far. The Valorant Holiday Charity Invitational has also spawned many funny moments like Pokimane asking Sykkuno to slap her and many more.

Furthermore, fans have seen some of the streamers step up big time with some insane plays. From epic clutches to ridiculous kills, the Charity Invitational had it all, and the event certainly lived up to its hype.

@OfflineTV @scarra @h7une @peterparkTV @Valkyrae @jummychu2 18k raised is honestly really good considering most people already donated elsewhere for Thankmas.Well played everyone, it was a lot of fun to watch! :)
@OfflineTV IT WAS A BLAST!!! Grats to the winners! everyone did amazinggggFor charity 💕

In the end, the two-day event was definitely one for the ages, and fans are definitely eager to see more invitationals like these in the future. Hopefully, the organization will host more of these events in the future for charitable causes again.

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