Outriders bug is apparently wiping away players' gear

A bug in Outriders wipes away all of the gear that is in a player's inventory (Image via Square Enix)
A bug in Outriders wipes away all of the gear that is in a player's inventory (Image via Square Enix)

One of the worst possible bugs appears to be plaguing some Outriders players. This bug wipes away all of the gear that is in a player's inventory, making it a nightmare fuel for any looter shooter player.

The issue has become apparent in Outriders after players all over the Outriders subreddit reported experiencing the same loot wiping bug.

In the subreddit, players such as AJACKS_28 have claimed that the bug is based on connection issues or the game crashing.

"I was playing with friends and I got kicked with a connection error. I logged back in, and my inventory is completely gone, even things I had equipped. Now, even if I have another weapon, I cant equip a weapon in the first slot, or the pistol slot"

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a fix to the issue yet.

People Can Fly, the developer of Outriders, has kept a log of known issues within the game. The loot wiping bug has been acknowledged, and the developers are aware. However, for the foreseeable future, players will need to wait until a definitive fix is found.

People Can Fly have worked to restore the gear of players that run into the bug but are currently working on the best way to help players on an individual basis.

Server issues and bugs like loot wiping in Outriders


Outriders has received some real praise from players. It's been almost a week since the game was released, and fans seem to be enjoying the story and the gameplay. However, the server issues have held the game back a bit.

Any of the bugs, such as the loot wiping bug, seem to be tied to the server problems to some degree. On launch day, which was April 1, the servers were at their worst, and players had a hard time grouping up. However, there has been more improvement each day.

As of April 4, the official Outriders Twitter account claimed that the servers seemed fine. Of course, there are still some issues, but the overall experience online has improved.

Having said that, some features such as cross-play have had obstacles. Turning off cross-play was even suggested for anyone who wasn't using it in order to improve matchmaking times.

Updates will be coming soon as the developers continue to work on reported bugs within Outriders. For now, players should just continue grinding and hope that the loot bug doesn't strike.