Outriders farm guide: Best farm location for god roll gears

Image via People Can Fly/ Square Enix
Image via People Can Fly/ Square Enix
Amitesh Dhar

God rolls are specific traits or perks that weapons have in Outriders. These perks grant special buffs to weapons. Since it's a looter shooter, weapons come with multiple perks or rolls as they are commonly called.

God rolls aren't easy to come by in looter shooters like Outriders. However, weapons with god rolls can be farmed easily for now.

How to farm god roll gears in Outriders


As the above video mentions, players can farm god roll gears by visiting vendors in the game. There are six main vendors that can help players with this. Bailey and Tiago are two vendors that are found in the camp. Players can come across weapon and armor vendors in Rift Town and Trench Town. What makes these vendors so valuable is that the items they sell refresh every hour.

Players can find god rolled weapons easier than god rolled armor in Outriders. Now, most of these vendors sell items of green rarity as well. The best part about these green items is that these weapons can be upgraded twice. If players do come across any weapon or armor with a roll they like, they can purchase it and easily upgrade it in exchange for titanium.


Once players upgrade a green item to blue, they get the option to select a class specific mod for that item. When they upgrade this blue item to purple, they get the choice to select a generic mod.


So upgrading a weapon from green to purple gives players a lot of control over the kind of rolls they get to have for their weapons in Outriders. Players can also target attribute shards in the same way. They can pick out items which have the attributes they need from the vendors. Once acquired, players can then choose to deconstruct the item and acquire the said attribute shard.

This method of farming for god rolls and attribute shards in Outriders is a very relaxed way of doing things. In some cases, farming for items and currencies requires players to run a specific mission over and over again which does become tedious at times.

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