Outriders: Fastest mod exploits to use after the patch update

Outriders: Fastest mod exploits to use after the patch update (Image via YouTube, ITZ JIMBO)
Outriders: Fastest mod exploits to use after the patch update (Image via YouTube, ITZ JIMBO)
Modified 02 May 2021

Outriders is going through a rough patch, following the nerf of legendaries and the ability to acquire good gear quickly. Players have been turning to more unorthodox methods to get the mods they need to keep grinding expeditions.

Despite developers throwing roadblocks at the community with each update, players overcome these obstacles and keep figuring out ways to exploit the game in their favor.

While exploits will be patched in a future update, or the developers will find ways to plug them, in the meantime, this current exploit is the fastest way for players to obtain mods following the latest update.

It's unclear who discovered this exploit. But a YouTuber know as recklessXRP revealed an easy way for players to obtain the mods without much effort. While this method works most of the time, it may not work 100% of the time. The results are not always satisfactory as it works based on luck rather than fixed mechanics.

This article dives into how to obtain mods after the patch update using the mod exploit.

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Steps to execute the fastest mod exploits in Outriders after the update

This method of obtaining mods is not guaranteed to work for all players. However, it is easy to set up and execute. Here are the following steps to use this exploit.

Note: If the steps below are not accurately followed, the process will not work.

Step 1: Buy the blue gear that has the desired attributes on it.

Step 2: Activate a save point by either changing locations or going into the stash and taking out an item

Step 3: Talk to Dr. Zahedi and go to the upgrade menu. Select the gear that needs to be improved, and go to "Improve Rarity."

Step 4: If the desired mod is not there, close Outriders or disconnect the internet. Go back into the game and then repeat step three until the desired mods can be obtained.

Step 5: If the desired mod is there, improve the rarity and activate the save point again.

The process is rather tedious but allows players to obtain mods faster than farming, given the circumstances and the higher tier required for better drop chances.

Watch the full video here:

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Published 02 May 2021
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