Overwatch 2 Crab Wrecking Ball Bundle: How to get, features, price, and more

Crab Wrecking Ball bundle Overwatch 2 (Image via Twitter/@OverwatchCaval)
Crab Wrecking Ball bundle Overwatch 2 (Image via Twitter/@OverwatchCaval)

Overwatch 2 has released a brand new bundle for Wrecking Ball enthusiasts in the in-game store's rotation for January 24, 2022. The new skin bundle will consist of a Legendary Hero skin, emote, and a voice line.

Blizzard has introduced an array of new content in the first two seasons of Overwatch 2. So far, we've seen alluring skins for Heroes like Ramattra, Lucio, Medusa, and many others become popular in the game's community. With the latest item shop rotation, Blizzard has delivered a much-awaited Legendary skin for fans of the Tank Hero.

Everything to know about Overwatch 2 Crab Wrecking Ball Bundle

Overwatch 2 New Featured Item: Crab Wrecking Ball Bundle πŸ¦€πŸ›’ Available in-game and online for πŸͺ™ 2000 Overwatch Coins.

All items in Crab Wrecking Ball Bundle

The new Crab Wrecking Ball bundle in Overwatch 2 consists of three items:

  • Crustacean Wrecking Ball skin (Legendary)
  • Scurrying Emote (Epic)
  • Scuttle Along Voice Line (Common)

The Crustacean skin for Wrecking Ball features the Tank Hero in the marine theme. Wrecking Ball's mechanical body in this skin is identical to the exoskeleton of crabs with intricate detailing all around, whereas his Quad Cannons are designed to match the pincers of crabs. Hammond, on the other hand, is shown to resemble a tiny sea creature with an antenna on his head.

How much does Crab Wrecking Ball Bundle cost?

Players can purchase the new Crab Wrecking Ball bundle directly from the in-game Shop for a discounted rate of 2000 Overwatch Coins.

The full bundle is listed in the in-game shop for 2700 Overwatch Coins. However, at the time of writing, the bundle has a 25% discount, allowing players to purchase it at a lower rate of 2000 coins.

One will also have the option to purchase individual items from the bundle by heading over to the Hero Gallery section in-game.

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Being a Legendary skin, the Crustacean Wrecking Ball skin is priced at 1900 coins if purchased individually. Players can unlock the Scurrying emote at a cost of 500 coins, whereas the Scuttling Away voice line will cost them only 100 coins. Each item in the collection purchased individually amounts to 2500 coins, which makes purchasing the bundle a more lucrative option for the player base.

Players will have to spend real currency in order to purchase Overwatch Coins. The entire Crab Wrecking Ball bundle at a discounted rate will cost players approximately $20.

How to get Crab Wrecking Ball bundle?

All skin collections in Overwatch 2 can be purchased in-game by heading over to the "Shop" section of the main menu. Players can also check out the website or launcher to access the in-game store and purchase their favorite items.

Similar to most skin bundles, the Crab Wrecking Ball bundle will be available for a week and will expire with the next store rotation, which is scheduled for January 31, 2023.

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The Crab Wrecking Ball bundle is the only new collection to grace this week's rotation of the in-game store. However, a few old bundles from the game's predecessor returned to the store for new players to enjoy.

This includes bundles like the Black Lily Widowmaker, Ancient Heroes (Lu Bu Reaper, Zhang Fei Torbjorn), Figure Skater Symmetra, Frostbitten Pharah, and Avalanche Lucio.

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