Penguinz0 receives a channel strike from YouTube due to 'Road rage' video; #AnswerUsYoutube begins to trend online

Penguinz0 was subjected to a channel strike from YouTube on account of one of his recent videos (Image Credits:
Penguinz0 was subjected to a channel strike from YouTube on account of one of his recent videos (Image Credits:

Charles Xavier White, aka Penguinz0, is a popular YouTuber with around 5.8 million subscribers. His videos have received millions of views and his wry humour has become a staple trademark of his YouTube videos.

He is one of YouTube's most renowned commentators and is also known to provide his own unique takes on popular video games.

Recently, however, the 26-year-old was subjected to a channel strike from YouTube on account of one of his recent videos:

This strike comes in the aftermath of Penguinz0's most recent video, where he called out YouTube for allowing a proven animal abuser, Peluchin Entertainment, to still exist on their platform.

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Penguinz0 vs YouTube


Addressing his recent channel strike, Penguinz0 released a video on YouTube titled 'I'm mad', where he calls out YouTube for it's warped policy system and hypocritical approach.

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He begins by speaking about the Peluchin Entertainment controversy and says:

"YouTube has basically become live leak for animals... I just don't understand why YouTube keeps turning a blind eye to it , because they still haven't even addressed the Peluchin thing.
"I really just don't get YouTube's priorities , they are so quick to ban a channel like LeafyIsHere, because he made too many Pokimane videos, but they will take their sweet f****** time in actually addressing real crimes , it really just feels like they don't give a f***."

He then goes on to address his own video being taken down:

"So a few days ago, one of my videos was taken down, called Road rager learns a hard lesson . It's a fake, staged video, where a Russian dash cam , where a man gets out of his car, bangs on a man's window and then spongebob, mickey mouse, the squirrel from Ice Age and some purple ass mascot get into a fight and run away and that's the end of the video.
"I was just making jokes about it and YouTube removed it for violent and graphic content, in what is clearly a staged viral YouTube video."

He then mentions how he decided to take the matter up with his company, Human Media Group, which has worked closely with YouTube over the past few years.

After they failed to take remedial action, he proceeds to criticise the YouTube review department which was in charge of analysing his video:

"This department is so disconnected from the most basic concepts of human understanding. They believed my Road rage video was genuine, shocking, disgusting and overwhelmingly disturbing to the point where it needed to be removed from the platform.
"They sent me two lines- 'we are maintaining our decision to keep the video down ' and the second line is a copy and paste of the rules regarding shocking content that's taken right off the google help page. There's no conversation, no proof , it's literally looking like an automated reply."

He then ends his video with a plea to make the hashtag #AnswerUsYoutube trend online as he actively demands answers from YouTube on their manual review team and their lopsided policy system in general.

Check out Penguinz0's series of tweets on his Twitter handle, MoistCr1TiKaL, where he addressed the YouTube channel strike fiasco:

Check out some of the reactions online as #AnswerUsYouTube began to trend soon after:

As #AnswerUsYoutube continues to trend online, it is high time that YouTube takes accountability and provides the community with satisfactory answers.

If not, they may find themselves facing a large-scale incendiary response from a raging fire, whose flame was lit by their very own hands.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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