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"I'm really disappointed": PewDiePie reacts to Cocomelon diss being taken down by YouTube

Image via PewDiePie & Cocomelon
Image via PewDiePie & Cocomelon
Modified 22 Feb 2021

PewDiePie has reacted to YouTube's decision to remove his diss track against Cocomelon. Naturally, the Swedish YouTuber has disagreed with the decision.

During a live stream of Stardew Valley, PewDiePie was asked about the situation by a viewer. He ignored it at first but then was bombarded with questions on the diss track's removal.

PewdiePie made it clear that he will eventually address the entire situation. He specifically had this to say:

“Obviously, the music video got removed by YouTube. If there’s a place for me to address it, it’s not during a livestream, but I also really want to play today. I’m just going to say I’m really disappointed, and I obviously disagree, but I’m not going to address it further than that today.”

It is a smart decision because a YouTube video will provide answers in greater detail.

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It is easy to see why YouTube felt PewDiePie went too far

The problem came from the overall look of the video. YouTube felt that the video looks like it is for children despite having content that isn't suitable for them.

Image via PewDiePie
Image via PewDiePie

The COPPA rules that state that a YouTube video cannot look like it is meant for children and be geared towards adults.

The second point YouTube made is that this diss track is pretty brutal.

"... we allow criticism & also diss tracks in some cases, but w/ both policies in mind, this video crossed the line."

There is a lot of explicit language and very aggressive imagery in the diss track. Pewdiepie is dressed and acts like Mr. Rogers while berating Cocomelon's appeal. To give an example, here is a verse from the song:

"f*** your daddy, f*** your mommy too, f*** everything you love, most of all f*** you. Cry, cry cry, I don't give a s***. I'm your mommy now, you little baby b****."

PewDiePie also stated that Santa was fake and that dead pets don't go to heaven.


It will be interesting to hear what PewDiePay says about this situation and why he was so aggressive towards Cocomelon.

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Published 22 Feb 2021, 00:07 IST
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