PewDiePie sets another record after diss track "Bit*h Lasagna" crosses 100 million streams on Spotify

Image via Teller Report
Image via Teller Report
Amitesh Dhar

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has made history again. His song "B*tch Lasagna" has crossed 100 million streams on Spotify. The diss track was released in 2018 after a feud online with Indian record label T-Series.

Although PewDiePie lost the subscribers war with the company, his track has left a significant mark on the streaming community. He is now the first YouTuber to have a song on Spotify that has crossed the 100 million stream mark.

PewDiePie's B*tch Lasagna crosses 100 million streams

This feat goes on to show his popularity around the world. Another song of his "Mine All Day" has crossed the 13 million stream mark on Spotify.

One user on YouTube pointed out that Corpse Husband also has a track that has reached the 100 million stream mark.

This isn't true. As per Spotify records, the song "E-Girls are ruining my life" is close to the 100 million mark but hasn't crossed that mark yet.

Image via Spotify
Image via Spotify

PewDiePie fans were quite excited about this feat. Many of them jokingly claimed that they contributed a good chunk of their hours to those streams.

Here are a few funny responses from fans on Twitter:

PewDiePie is already exceptionally popular on the internet, and this feat will provide another boost to his image.

PewDiePie is always on the front page of discussions within the streaming community.

He recently faced a lot of backlash from the V-Tuber community when he did a reverse face reveal to branch out to the platform. The V-Tuber was not very welcoming. It believes that his fans are toxic and will pollute the community.


Although he wasn't serious about joining the platform, his popularity did bring the platform and the community into the spotlight.

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