Players request Activision to nerf the Fennec's Akimbo Perk in COD Mobile

Image Credits - Call Of Duty Mobile
Image Credits - Call Of Duty Mobile
Dipanjan Dey

Even before the introduction of the Mythic Fennec - Ascended, this SMG was one of the most powerful guns in COD Mobile. Now, with the Akimbo Perk, the Fennec has become highly overpowered.

In just a few days since CoD Mobile Season 12 Going Dark released, and the meta has already seen a radical shift. Players are grinding it out to get the Akimbo Perk for the Fennec.

The Akimbo Perk is available after players successfully "kill 3 enemies with the Fennec 30 times without dying." Once it is unlocked, players can run with two identical SMGs. The best thing about the Akimbo Perk is that player do not have to ADS. They can manage the recoil easily even though it is only available to hip-fire,

On any given COD Mobile map, the Fennec dominates in close range, so imagine having two at a time. This has been quite an questionable move from the developers, as the community stands divided on the Akimbo Perk debate.

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The Fennec Akimbo Perk is taking over the meta in CoD Mobile

Image via - u/Zarar_Ahmed 
Image via - u/Zarar_Ahmed

While several players have loved running with the dual Fennec, most players complain against this advantage. However, the in-game description says, "damage of each weapon slightly decreases."

Yet, players have reported how it absolutely decimates the opponents without giving them a chance to shoot.

Most players have posted on social platforms about the highly effective nature of the Fennec Akimbo Perk. While some say that the opponent doesn't get time to ADS, others talk about trying Dropshots to counter the Fennec.

It can be quite useful to go prone when an opponent with a Dual Fennec approaches. However, with Fennec's bullet-spread, the opponent can just Hip-fire instead of flicking to aim with scope.

Players request Activision to nerf the Fennec Akimbo Perk in CoD Mobile

u/Zarar_Ahmed posted a long explanation on Reddit, requesting Activision to fix the game with a few alterations. The Fennec Akimbo Perk is definitely in dire need of change.

Any COD Mobile player who has been there from the start would express their grief about the current state of the meta. Players have also said how mastering the Fennec with the Akimbo Perk does not require any skill.

Image via - da7GR
Image via - da7GR

One of the comments by da7GR mentioned the following:

"Everything aside, it doesn't matter what device you play on, auto-aim or ADS, 10 finger claw on just thumbs, this Akimbo dynamic is ruining the experience. Where is the competitive aspect in not being able to see your opponent running towards you? I play(at 25ms, on OnePlus8) ranked matches regularly, and it feels pathetic to die against a Fennec Akimbo bot chad. Like he said, it's going to get a major nerf soon, but ik shit gotta sell first."

The release of the first Mythic gun for COD Mobile has made the Fennec remarkably popular. Every player wants to carry it, along with the Akimbo Perk.

Thus, it is natural to see that almost every player has acquired the Akimbo Perk before they unlock the Mythic. However, that makes things quite stale in a dynamic game like COD Mobile.

The other reason for the buff on the Fennec might be that Activision wants to promote the weapon's Mythic variant in COD Mobile. Thus, it might be a while before there is any actual change.

Players have found specific ways of getting past the Fennec Akimbo. For instance, if the opponent uses the Dual Fennec, it is best to use a Trip Mine on their path. Alternatively, players can use a Shotgun, although they have to be extremely precise.


Using snipers against Fennec Akimbo players in long-ranged maps like Crossfire, Standoff, Firing Range can be highly beneficial however.

Although if the opponent sneaks up, then it is difficult to cope using a sniper. Simply because the Fennec player will shoot before the Sniper player can quick scope.

Basically, the opponent's ADS timing is something Fennec Akimbo users are not worried about. Due to the bullet-spread as well as the recoil, players can just hip-fire their opponents with the Akimbo Perk on the Fennec.

Players have expressed how the meta is ruined by the same weapon being used in every match. It makes things quite ordinary in a weapon-specific game like COD Mobile. Even in comparison to ARs, the Fennec SMG dominates with the Akimbo Perk.

With all these requests from the players, the Akimbo Perk will hopefully see a nerf in COD Mobile. However, it isn't easy to ascertain when the developers might consider altering the current meta.

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