Playstation-exclusives like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodborne etc are coming to PC according to latest leak

Among other Playstation exclusive titles, Bloodborne is speculated to come to PC (Image via Sony)
Among other Playstation exclusive titles, Bloodborne is speculated to come to PC (Image via Sony)

Recent speculations have pointed towards more and more PlayStation exclusive titles coming to PC.

The trend set by the PC release of PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn in August 2020, and subsequently Days Gone in May 2021, certainly points towards Sony’s direction in capturing the PC gaming market.


Sony has officially revealed their plans to bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC in the future. Lots of leaks and rumors have come out since then, but the recent leak seems to be substantial.

While it is not a stretch of the imagination that Sony is going to release exclusive titles on Playstation and PC simultaneously, staggering the PC release of acclaimed exclusives by a few years is the current direction that Sony is taking.

Leaks suggest Playstation exclusives like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodborne, etc coming to PC in coming years

The leak goes so far as to point out the time frame of the Playstation exclusives’ PC releases. It reads:

Spring 2021 Days Gone

Fall 2021 The last of Us

Summer 2022 God of War (2018)

Winter 2022 Spider Man (2018)

Spring 2023 Uncharted Collection

Fall 2023 Ghost of Tsushima

Summer 2024 Gran Turismo Sport

Winter 2024 Bloodborne

With The Last of Us Remake in the making for PS5, it seems plausible that the older TLOU title will be coming to PC. This could be Sony’s bid to acquaint PC gamers with the franchise, which could be a marketing decision to drive up PS5 sales.


The same concept applies to God of War (2018)’s possible PC release. The sequel, unofficially dubbed God of War: Ragnarok, is in the making in Santa Monica. Releasing the predecessor to the PC market will definitely get many players invested in the incredible father-son story.

While an earlier leak of a similar nature surfaced with info on four of these titles coming to PC, it remains to be seen how Sony approaches the PC releases of their PlayStation exclusive titles in the coming days.

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