PlayStation officially acquires Destiny 2-maker Bungie, here's what might change

Sony and Bungie join hands yet again to create a bright and diverse future (Image via Bungie)
Sony and Bungie join hands yet again to create a bright and diverse future (Image via Bungie)

The news about PlayStation acquiring the Destiny 2 developer Bungie arrived in the community quite some time ago. However, the process is now complete, and both companies announced the same on Twitter on July 15.

This is definitely a major step for PlayStation, as over the past year, its primary competitor, Xbox, has ended up acquiring major studios like Bethesda. Hence, Bungie joining the side of PlayStation will help level the playing field for Sony in the gaming business.

We are proud to officially join the incredible team at PlayStation, we are excited for the future of our company, and we are inspired to bring together players from all over the world to form lasting friendships and memories.Per Audacia ad Astra!

However, this is something that will benefit Bungie as well, since the company has struggled quite a lot in terms of workforce ever since it left Activision. Thus, there are quite a few things that fans can be excited about when it comes to Bungie and PlayStation.

PlayStation's acquisition will help improve quality of Destiny 2 and speed up development process for other titles

Between PlayStation and Bungie, the one who will benefit the most is the latter. There is no doubt that since the company left Activision, the quality of its Destiny 2 DLCs has dropped a bit.

While Shadowkeep and Beyond Light were good DLC's, none of them matched the level of Forsaken. Obviously, an argument can be made that the Witch Queen DLC was probably the best one by Bungie post the Activision phase. However, fans still crave a raid like Last Wish or a dungeon like the Shattered Throne.

Unfortunately, Forsaken was developed by a much larger workforce compared to the other three DLC's mentioned above. As a result, the scale of the raids and dungeons has reduced quite considerably.

The agreement to acquire Bungie has closed. So now we can officially say… welcome to the PlayStation family, @Bungie!

Hence, the acquisition of Bungie by PlayStation will probably help the company financially a lot more, which is something that might lead to raids of the same scale as Last Wish and King's Fall. Apart from that, considering Bungie is entering the final phase of Destiny 2's current era with Lightfall and Final Shape, there is a lot of expectation on the shoulders of the developers.

Now, it is also crucial to consider that this acquisition helps not only Destiny 2 but also other games developed by Bungie as well. Rumors regarding a brand new competitive game have been going around for quite some time. This acquisition will help Bungie hire more workers who will be able to speed up the development process for the new title.

Overall, Bungie will ultimately be the one to benefit the most from this. It is still crucial to mention here that PlayStation acquiring Bungie will not have any effect on the platforms for Destiny 2, as the game will still be playable on Xbox and PC as well.

If you share our vision for Destiny - a single global community, that you can play anywhere, on any device, join us! We are just getting started.…

However, it is not all Bungie, as Sony definitely stands to benefit quite a lot from this deal. Firstly, Bungie is a very talented studio that always brings something unique to the market. Apart from that, Sony recently acquired Haven Media as well, a studio that is owned by Jade Raymond, the producer of the first two Assassin's Creed titles. Thus, with both these studios under its control, Sony will be taking the fight to Microsoft in terms of offering quality products.

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