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Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event: Everything you need to know

There's plenty to complete, battle and catch before the Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event ends on Sunday (Image via Pokemon)
Modified 12 Feb 2021

The Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event started on February 9 and will run right until the Valentine's Day event starts.

Being a Pokemon GO event, there's plenty to complete, battle and catch before the event ends on Sunday.

For the Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event, the theme is based around the 12 Lunar animals and the coming of the new year. Being the year of the bull, Tauros takes front and center as the mascot of the event as well as the reward in some of the research tasks.

The theme involves one simple concept, and that is the color red. Almost everything appearing in the wild is based on the color red, pink or orange. Fire Pokemon take priority, but all types of Pokemon will appear as long as they are red and fit the bill.

Red is also what the new Love Cup is based on. Only Pokemon with 1,500 CP and below that have some sort of red hue can be used to battle other Pokemon GO trainers in the temporary cup.

Pokemon GO Lunar New Year tasks, eggs, and raids

Aside from the red Pokemon appearing in the wild all over Pokemon GO, there is also an animal theme in the event. In 5km eggs, all 12 Lunar animals will be possible to hatch with some sort of representation. The list is as follows:

  • Rattata
  • Tauros
  • Ekans
  • Mankey
  • Ponyta
  • Mareep
  • Houndour
  • Miltank
  • Torchic
  • Bagon
  • Buneary
  • Tepig
  • Litleo

Raids will also feature a significant amount of Pokemon for players to battle and catch. The most prominent additions to the raid rotation are Latios and Latias, which will also be available during the Valentine's Day event starting on Sunday.

Mega Gyarados will also be appearing in Mega raids for the first time, and it's a tough battle at over 60,000 CP. For anyone that doesn't have a Gyarados, it can be found in the wild if you're lucky enough, and some may even be shiny.

Research tasks in the Lunar New Year event will also provide Mega Energy for Gyarados as each stage is complete. if every stage is complete for the event, which is timed, players will have plenty of Tauros Pokemon and enough energy for a Mega Gyarados.

There are still a few days left to complete the Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event before an entirely new event rolls around.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 08:58 IST
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