Pokemon GO Slugma spotlight: Getting a strong Magcargo quickly

Slugma in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Slugma in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

The Slugma spotlight hour in Pokemon GO starts tonight, March 30, 2021, at 6:00 PM local time and lasts until 7:00 PM, giving players plenty of time to catch a plethora of magmatic slugs.

While Slugma's shiny form has not yet been introduced, it's still worthwhile to take advantage of this limited-time event. Slugma's evolved form Magcargo may have a fairly weak defensive typing of Rock and Fire, but it can deal some crippling against the right match-up.

Getting a strong Magcargo quickly in Pokemon GO Slugma spotlight

Slugma (Image via Niantic)
Slugma (Image via Niantic)

Slugma's spawn rate will be significantly increased for the duration of the spotlight, making it exceptionally easy to obtain. In addition, this particular spotlight features double-transfer candy, allowing players to easily max out and evolve their new volcanic companion.

Putting down a lure is a sure-fire method of getting plenty of Slugmas to transfer, and using an incense is certainly not a bad idea either. With the sheer number of bubbly slugs that players will be able to catch using such tools, there will certainly be a surge of powerful Magcargos in areas with active players.

This is particularly true for this spotlight since it features double the transfer candy. With so much candy at their disposal, players should be able to evolve a Slugma of their choosing in no time at all.

Rock Throw and Overheat are currently the recommended moves for a good Magcargo, so look out for those when evolving a high CP Slugma.

After getting the optimal move set (either by evolving enough Magcargos to get lucky or using TMs), players can use their multitude of bonus candies to start the leveling process and quickly raise up their new concrete-melting snail pal.

As previously mentioned, Slugma does not currently have a shiny, so players need not keep an eye out for these delightful rarities. But for future spotlights, any Pokemon GO player should certainly check once again if the featured Pokemon is one with a shiny variant.

Events like the weekly spotlights are prime occasions for searching for these special creatures.

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