"I've been keeping a secret": Pokimane announces the latest addition to her family on livestream

Pokimane announces the latest addition to her family on stream (Image via Pokimane/Twitter)
Pokimane announces the latest addition to her family on stream (Image via Pokimane/Twitter)

Imane "Pokimane" teased a big announcement on Twitter. Tweeting out the link to her stream, it was titled:

"I've been keeping a secret from y'all..."

Fans immediately got to speculating, pouring into the chat to excitedly ask what the secret was. Once the time came to talk about it on stream, she showed her viewers the secret she had been keeping: her new cat.

Pokimane announces her new cat on stream

Before the start of today's stream, Pokimane teased a big announcement coming both on Twitter and in the stream title. When the stream began, she introduced her viewers to her new cat. This is her second cat alongside Mimi, a Bicolor ragdoll she's had since 2018.

Viewers had plenty of questions for Poki regarding her new cat, including name and gender. Her new cat is a boy and doesn't have a name yet. However, according to a tweet by Poki shortly after the start of the stream, she is open to hearing from fans about potential names for her new cat.

The streamer was also asked if the cat was neutered, to which she said no. Poki said she doesn't know whether she should have her new cat neutered just yet.

Poki also addressed one of the bigger rumors being thrown around as to what the secret might've been. Some viewers were asking on Twitter and in chat if the streamer was pregnant. Poki shot down the rumor and told her viewers that kind of speculation isn't something that people should be throwing around lightly.

Twitter gives Pokimane cat name suggestions

Plenty of responses poured in after Poki tweeted that she was looking for name suggestions. There were plenty of serious responses, but also more than a few humorous ones.

YouTuber Pyrocynical had a simple suggestion.

The official Slim Jim Twitter account also got in on the name suggestions.

OTK got involved with a humorous suggestion of their own.

Plenty of fans responded with more serious suggestions, most frequently suggesting that she follow a similar naming scheme to her first cat, Mimi. Names like Momo, Bibi, Bobo and Yuyu were all suggestions.

While it may not have been the news most were expecting, Poki's new cat is certainly a welcome addition to her family and stream.