“You meant it seriously”: Pokimane calls out streamers who say “it’s a joke” amid JiDion controversy

Pokimane says sending hate is not a joke as certain people claim (Image via Twitter/Pokimane)
Pokimane says sending hate is not a joke as certain people claim (Image via Twitter/Pokimane)
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In a recent stream, Pokimane made comments on the "it's a joke" line that many chatters have used to defend the statements streamer JiDion made against her, saying that clearly, it wasn't a joke.

Pokimane has had a long week of drama, first dealing with the raid that was sent to her stream by JiDion, which he was banned for, and now dealing with a potential defamation lawsuit from Ninja and his wife. The lawsuit is about Poki showing proof of Ninja trying to support JiDion by trying to get his ban reversed, which his team adamantly denies.

Throughout the week, she has continued to receive hateful messages, most of which defend JiDion and his statements that he has since apologized for. While watching a video on YouTube discussing the drama, she noticed a specific comment defending JiDion in her chat.

Poki had had enough and singled out the chatter who had typed "it's a joke...":

"It's very clearly not a joke. It's so f*cking annoying to have people say sh*t, and then when it doesn't work out for them, they resort to 'It was a joke!' No, your sh*t just didn't land 'cause it's f*cking weird."

Pokimane says the hate being directed at her isn't in the form of harmless jokes

Poki then goes on to say that the attempts to belittle her aren't just banter, they are attacks against her that are serious.

"You meant it seriously, and you thought people would like that you're saying it seriously, but it was weird! Jesus Christ!"

Users on Reddit shared their reactions to Pokimane's take on the situation.

The consensus among the crowd seems to be that Poki is in the right, and that the amount of hate she receives on a daily basis is disproportionate to the amount of valid criticism. Overall, it seems that as the days go on, more people take the side of Poki in this drama.

Will this trend of hatred continue, or will this drama finally fizzle out? Will Poki continue to talk about the issue, or will she start ignoring the constant comments? The next few days may show either results or even new advancements made by Ninja or JiDion. Either way, this is undoubtedly a drama that keeps on going, with no end in sight.

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