Pokimane shamed for her 'good looks' on Twitch stream

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
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Recently, Pokimane hit back with a stern reaction to a viewer on her live stream. The donator attempted to shame her by alleging that her 'good looks' were behind the streamers' success.

This was not the first time that the suggestion had been made. The streamer often gets these backhanded remarks from viewers who donate money to her.

However, Pokimane was not having it this time. She stated that there are other female streamers who are more attractive than her, yet, have not managed to gain the same kind of fame.


Pokimane gives a stern response

Imane “Pokimane” Anys has been one of the most popular female content creators in recent years. She was initially a Fortnite streamer, and has since moved on to other games. This includes League of Legends, Among Us, Valorant, and more recently Cyberpunk 2077. Currently, Pokimane has around 6.23 million subscribers on YouTube along with a further 6.8 million followers on Twitch.

Despite facing a lot of backlash, her fans have proven to be some of the most loyal among internet personalities, and have stuck with her through thick and thin. Recently, when a viewer sent her money along with the message that she is only famous due to her apperance, Pokimane took time out of her stream to respond to the viewer.

“You know its quite odd, the amount of people that will go to the extent of sending me money to summarize any success I have ever had in “your looks.” Its weird because from a reasonable perspective anybody can say that especially when you are in a position of entertaining, of course looking in a way that is attractive to some not wanting to “gas” myself up.”


Pokimane, clearly annoyed with the repeated messages of a similar nature from her viewers, went on to suggest that there are other female streamers who are “better looking” than her, however, they have not achieved the scale of popularity and success.

“Also I don’t think I look that nice. Sure that can be a benefit to anyone, as can a variety of other things. Being funny, being hardworking, you know, everyone has positive traits and negative traits. But I think objectively, logically, have you not seen a billion girls especially on Twitch that look far better than me? How can my success be only due to the way that I look when there are many that look far better than me?”
Image via Pokimane, Twitch
Image via Pokimane, Twitch

While Pokimane has often lost some credibility for having too many “Simp” fans, her argument does have merit.

Pokimane is widely recognized as the most popular female content creator. To pin down that fame to her 'good looks' is disrepectful and inaccurate.

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