Pokimane opens up about online sexual harassment, a day before taking her month-long break

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Imane 'Pokimane' Anys recently announced a month-long break from social media and streaming. A decision made in the aftermath of rising dissent and constant criticism, Pokimane is now on a much-needed time off from the toxic environment that has surrounded her of late.

She has millions of fans, who are termed simps for their overwhelming submissiveness towards her. However, the same fans now seem to be joining a growing group of Pokimane detractors, post the allegations made by YouTuber LeafyIsHere that she has a boyfriend.

What followed in the aftermath of these allegations was a wave of criticism directed at the 24-year-old, which included several deplorable hate comments.

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Pokimane's addresses harassment in light of Pewdiepie's recent video

A day before the Fortnite star announced her decision to take a break from social media, Pokimane posted tweets from her personal Twitter account, which implied bullying and sexual harassment.

Check out her posts below:

Pokimane's tweets on bullying and harassment (Image Credits: Imane/Twitter)
Pokimane's tweets on bullying and harassment (Image Credits: Imane/Twitter)

As seen in the image above, Pokimane mentioned how so-called simps were making inappropriate and sexualised comments about her. She also stated how such a trend is not okay and should not be normalised.

Mentioning Pewds, a reference to Pewdiepie, she said that in one of his recent videos, he highlighted some of the grossly inappropriate comments coming her way.

In his video, titled 'Simp police is exposing simps', Pewdiepie exposed all the obscene remarks simps were making in a subreddit called 'Simp Police'.


He also addressed comments directed at Pokimane and said:

Why is Poki queen of simps? What is it about this girl that makes y'all so f****** crazy, everyone loses their mind !

On scrolling through the sexualised comments, he is shocked at the mentality of the simps and says:

God, these comments are disgusting... you guys are weird, pathetic, f****** disgusting, despicable and beyond saving.

Pewdiepie's recent video exposed the simps, and is testament to the fact that the online space can be overwhelmingly toxic, especially for streamers as popular as Pokimane.

Coincidentally, the Morocco-born star's tweets above came just a day before her break, and there certainly appears to be a link with the recent hate and inappropriate comments mentioned in Pewdiepie's simp video.

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Reactions online

The amount of hate directed at Pokimane of late has reached toxic levels, with one particular user going overboard recently:

Such kind of hate is utterly distasteful and is just one of several instances of unwarranted malice aimed at Pokimane recently. Several from the online community reacted to the unreasonable amount of hate coming her way:

From the tweets above, it is evident that while one section continues to depreciate itself and indulge in making inappropriate comments, there exists another group who are vocal in their dislike for the undue criticism coming Pokimane's way.

The culmination of all the negativity towards Poki is most likely what resulted in her taking a break from social media.

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