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Pokimane receives a pair of cat ears from Corpse Husband

Image via Pokimane
Image via Pokimane
Modified 12 Feb 2021

Pokimane opened a gift from Corpse Husband on her live stream and inside was a pair of cat ears.

Pokimane was told to open a package by Corpse during her live stream. Apparently, Corpse had spent a bit of money to get his friend a customized gift box. She grabbed the pink gift box and tore it open to see what was inside.

Inside was a note from Kitsune Collection stating that Corpse had paid them to customize a box for Pokimane. She showed the contents of the box, and the gifts inside were all cat-themed. Pokimane rummaged through candy, pictures, and other fun gifts, all while saying that it was adorable.

At the very bottom of the box were white and pink cat ears. She immediately opened them and showed her audience. Once the ears were brought close to the mic, the pink bows on it could be seen more clearly. As Poki showed them off, she sang a triumphant melody.

After fiddling with another piece of the cat ears, Pokimane put it all on. She moved her headphones to better present her new headwear to her audience and they loved it. Pokimane then commented that she should get Corpse a gift as well.


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Pokimane's giftbox is not normally apart of Kitsune Collection's merchandise

Kitsune literally translates to "fox" in Japanese. Looking through their merchandise, it is clear that they very exclusively make content related to foxes.

For Pokimane and Corpse Husband, it appears that they made an exception. They could have been told by Corpse that Poki would open it on a stream, which would bring exposure to their brand. Even if it is not their style, they have done a great job and definitely pleased Pokimane.

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Published 12 Feb 2021, 23:46 IST
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