Pokimane rendered speechless after her cat Mimi paws cup off the desk, shattering it

Pokimane's cat Mimi causes an accident (Image via Twitch/pokimane)
Pokimane's cat Mimi causes an accident (Image via Twitch/pokimane)
Vibha Hegde

An innocent visit to her PC setup by Imane "Pokimane" Anys' cat, Mimi, resulted in the streamer having to clean the room after a tiny accident took place.

The streamer had been playing GTA RP at the time of Mimi's visit, who excitedly climbed onto her desk. Anys attempted to pull her onto her lap, not knowing that the feline was pawing at a fragile item on her desk.

Pokimane's cat Mimi appears on camera

During her latest Twitch stream, Pokimane took to playing some GTA RP on the popular NoPixel server.

She had died in-game and was sitting idly, waiting to be revived, when Mimi abruptly jumped onto her desk.

Anys greeted her and picked her up gently, placing her on her lap. However, the feline had other things in mind, as she managed to push a cup on the desk, which could be heard falling and shattering immediately.

The streamer glanced at the mess and then looked back at the camera, adorning a puzzled look. She pulled Mimi closer to her, assumedly to prevent her from walking on the remains of the cup.

She remained speechless for a while until speaking up to say the following:

"I need to put Mimi in my room so she doesn't get hurt."

Anys then got up and proceeded to do the same, picking up the glass pieces and putting them in a trash bag and later vacuuming the area.

Viewers react to Mimi's accident

After the clip was posted to Livestream Fail, many users joked about Anys supposedly shifting the blame onto her cat.

One comment, in particular, made a joke about Mimi suing for "defamation," a reference to Anys being threatened by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' wife, Jessica Blevins.

"The incident occurred following several events that took place during the hate-raid saga featuring Jidionpremium, Anys and Ninja. The issue has seemingly died down in recent times."

In addition, the threat of defamation was dissected by Tom "AttorneyTom" Kherkher, a YouTuber, through a conversation conducted by esports enthusiast Jake "JakeSucky" Lucky. AttorneryTom concluded that the Blevins had no good case to sue Anys on the grounds of defamation.

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