Pokimane ups her Valorant rank to Immortal, sends fans in a frenzy

Pokimane reached a big Valorant milestone recently (Image via Pokimane, Twitch)
Pokimane reached a big Valorant milestone recently (Image via Pokimane, Twitch)
Riddhima Pal

Pokimane has had quite the journey with Valorant over the last few years. It is one of the primary games she streams on her channel, and she is quite good at it. She has already achieved the Diamond milestone in Valorant three times.

i’m so addicted to valorant 😩

However, she recently broke through a skill ceiling and achieved her highest milestone yet, the rank of Immortal.

Pokimane hits the Immortal Valorant rank

In a recent Twitter post, the Canadian-Moroccan streamer shared with her fans that she reached the Immortal rank in Valorant.

after being diamond for 3 acts, I FINALLY HIT IMMORTAL!!!! 🎉 so freakin happy and proud of myself 🥲🥰

While at the Diamond rank, Pokimane was already among the top 1.5% Valorant players in the world. However, by reaching Immortal, she has gone one step further. Now, she is among the top 0.5% Valorant players in the world.

Along with sharing news of her success, the popular Valorant streamer also shared several tips and tricks she used to reach Immortal. She did so in a very detailed follow-up tweet to her original rank-up announcemen.

valo tips + my kovaak’s routine for anyone looking to improve :)

The Twitch streamer also mentioned many different points as tips for success, such as aim training, mastering multiple agents, proper communication skills, and keeping the general morale of the team high.

She received appreciation for her achievement from many fans as well as friends in the streaming community.

@pokimanelol Ur a fucking grinder let's gooo
@pokimanelol When are we running it? I need a hard carry
@pokimanelol Does this mean I have to get immortal now to play :(

Despite her immense success, many haters still try to troll her and seemingly want her to fail. However, Pokimane is no stranger to such toxicity, and thus, had a befitting reply.

it’s taking all my willpower not to debate ppl trying to discredit me but WHATEVER I’M SO HAPPYPYPYPYPYY 🥰

The OfflineTV member does not let this toxicity affect her and chooses to see the positive side of everything. Even in this situation, she only chooses to focus on her progress and achievements instead of the haters who try to pull her down.

For a variety streamer who makes time for not just other games but a variety of content in her schedule, reaching the rank of Immortal is something that can be lauded.

Reaching Immortal in Valorant is no mean feat, and Pokimane has successfully achieved it thanks to her dedication to the game. Now, all that is left for her is to achieve Radiant in Valorant. But with the rate at which she is progressing in Valorant now, she is sure to achieve this milestone in no time.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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