PS5 New Details Leaked, Specifications, 8K Resolution Support, PS5 Launch Date and more

PS5 concept art
PS5 concept art
Hrithik Raj

Sony's upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5 new details were leaked on Pastebin. According to an independent European third-party game developer's post on Pastebin, PS5 will be unveiled at the end of 2019 and will get a launch in March 2020.

We may get a glimpse of the new console in late 2019, as Sony will hold a conference at E3 in 2019.

In his post, he quoted-


I'm a third party small developer from EU. For the last 8 months i've been helping a well known company in a AAA game development that is set to release in 2020 as a lunch game for PS5. Some infos that i'd like to share that are 99% correct(i say 99% because small incremental hardware change can occur till 2020,although specs are set in stone).

The detailed leaked are not yet verified by any official source, though considering the information is true. Everything new we know about PS5 is mentioned down below-

  • PS5 will release either in March 2020 or November 2020.
  • PS5 will support backward compatibility.
  • Similar to its predecessors PS5 will support physical games and PlayStation Store.
  • PS Plus and PS Plus premium.(PS plus premium members can create private servers and more).

Leaked Specifications-

  • CPU 7nm Ryzen 8 Core 16 threads processor, the clock speed is unknown.
  • GPU 7nm Navi architecture around 14TF(teraflops), its gonna be powerful and power efficient GPU.

According to the source, "Sony is working with AMD for Navi, for some sort of Ray Tracing but will not focus on that, more focus with VR and 4k, much better bandwidth overall". Now back to the specifications, PS5 will include-

  • 24 GB GDDR6 RAM + 4GB DDR4 for operating system, plus a 32GB dev kits.
  • PS5 will have 2 TB of Harddisk space which will be fast storage.
  • PS5 will support 8 resolution(reached through upscaling).

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