PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Win a Solo vs Team Battle - Distance Is Both Keys to Success and Failure

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile
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PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is currently the reigning champion of mobile platform Battle Royale genre. PUBG mobile has received several awards and titles since its launch in both Android and iOS devices. It also won 3 of the google play awards in 2018. Millions of players play the game on a daily basis. During these games, many of you might get in a dire situation of 1 Vs 4. Many of the PlayerUnknown's Battleground Players intentionally try the 1 Vs 4 to improve their skill. To help you all in your endeavour we have some tips which might turn out to be fruitful.

So, before we get down to the tips PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile recently released a new update for the beta version of the game. PUBG mobile beta update 0.12 includes some cool new features like new sights, companion, returning zombie mode and much more. Check out my article on the recent beta update which explains every new addition and changes done to the game.

Now, moving back on today's topic: Tips to handle a 1 vs 4 situation-

Distance Is Both Keys to Success and Failure

In PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile keeping distance while dealing with a team can result in both success and failure. It depends on the approach you take, that alone decides whether if you are gonna survive or not. Keeping distance in open areas provides a better possibility to rotate and change your position frequently while engaging with the enemy team all alone. If the team is far away then their approach can be predicted-

  • They can separate/ spread wide enough to try to flank you.
  • Some of the members suppress fire while others try to get a good aim at you.
  • They through smoke to get a cover and then change position.
  • They run away without engaging.

The above-mentioned possibilities are the few approaches generally player take. The best way to deal in such scenario we require a simple cover whether it is a tree or just a smoke screen. If you have been playing PUBG for long you might have got used to using the 3rd person perspective to block players view on half while you can easily see the other half. Suppose the players are spreading towards left and some towards the right in order to get a good angle. But this is what we are gonna miss-use, try to move a little on the right side such that the players on left can't have an angle on you, vice-versa. Engage one by one and try to finish your kill. You first and the foremost aim should be to reduce the enemy number.

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Now a quick question that you might have - What if the opposite team is far but are in a vehicle. Should I engage them or not? What if they spotted me and are coming towards me?

An answer to the above situation is looking for a building nearest to you to get better positioning. Though this might not be possible every time, so the next thing you can try is to smoke the area around you and start shooting at the vehicle. Keep in mind the moment they stop the car or slow down the car your survival rate decreases.

So, the best approach is to simply get a cover and start firing at them try to knock one or two out. It will be easy for you as they cannot aim at you with high accuracy while being in a moving car, but you can aim at them.

One more thing you should do is such a situation is to keep moving. Always try to move randomly in any direction for a little distance. This helps you to be safe from other snipers or the opponents you are facing. Every time a player dismounts the vehicle he/she most of the time spawns towards the front of the vehicle. This means you should try to get behind the vehicle so that even if you are not able to kill any of the players in the moving car you can kill them while they try to dismount.

A quick note- Do not try to reload your gun if the enemy is near you. Switch to your secondary gun. If engaging with long distance enemy without any sniper you should use single mode in AR or SMGs (smgs should be the last option to opt-in such situation).

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Distance can turn out to be the worst thing while engaging in 1 Vs 4 situation if you don't have a good loot while the opposition does. If you at least don't have a smoke and an AR with a decent amount of bullet then you should definitely not engage your enemies. A 1 Vs 4 situation is only won by keeping constant pressure on the enemy team. Without a good loot that might be hard to do. Now, with distance also never try to stop and kill in a 1 Vs 4 situation if the enemy team has already stopped and had eyes on you. The moment you stop they will either kill you with a headshot or normally, as they were standing and will aim faster than you.

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