Valorant: Psy & Co join hands with XTZ Esports

Psy & Co now have a new banner to perform under (Image via XTZ Esports | FB)
Psy & Co now have a new banner to perform under (Image via XTZ Esports | FB)
Rijit Banerjee

Simar "psy" Sethi and his ex-Noble Esports team will be signing a bond with Xtreme Zone Esports and representing them in upcoming Valorant tournaments.

Noble Esports recently disbanded its Indian Valorant roster, and the player contracts expire this month. On his recent YouTube live stream, psy officially announced that the squad's newest organization would be XTZ Esports.

The whole team would remain the same, with the company taking charge of the Indian Valorant roster.

XTZ Esports looks a dangerous proposition moving forward in the Indian Valorant scene

Psy's initial Noble Esports Valorant squad had some initial obstacles, and one of the players, t1to, had to be replaced by SSSami. After this addition, the team looked solid and won several tournaments, including the XTZ Esports-based Pro Streamer tournament against Team Tamilas.

Despite Noble Esports disbanding, the team performed very well and showcased that it has what it takes to be one of the best Valorant teams in India. Moreover, in the recent TEC Valorant Challenger Series 4 grand finals against Velocity Gaming, the squad almost did the impossible and dethroned the current best team in the region.

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Despite the fact that Sami and HikkA haven't been playing in good pings, the side's extraordinary performances speak volumes of their abilities and raw potential. With proper guidance, the squad has all the necessary tools to be the best team in the region and represent India at a global level in Valorant esports.

The future looks bright for the organization, as Psy's team will now get a proper boot camp and basic amenities. It could very well be one of the top teams in Valorant, after Velocity Gaming, in India.

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