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PUBG Guide: Everything You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile's New SMG Weapon PP-19 Bizon

Tarun Sayal
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:47 IST

PP - Bizon 19 (Image courtesy:
PP - Bizon 19 (Image courtesy:

So the season 07 of PUBG Mobile has come to an end, with PUBG Mobile Season 8 expected to be out by 18th July. If you haven't read the new features yet, then take a quick look at the patch notes of this new update by clicking on the link below:

PUBG Update: Patch notes of PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Version Revealed

So by reading the patch notes, you will come to know that the main attraction of this new update is its new SMG weapon PP Bizon 19. Here is a full PUBG Guide on the PP Bizon 19.

Everything you need to know about PP Bizon-19


PP Bizon is an upcoming weapon in PUBG Mobile and will be introduced to the game after the new PUBG update. It is the 5th SMG in the game and requires 9MM ammunition to operate. You can only find this weapon only in two maps Erangel and Vikendi, and it can hold up to 53 rounds of 9MM in a single magazine.

Attachments and Damage Rate

PP - Bizon 19 in PUBG Mobile can have scopes ranged from Holographic Sight to 6x and also supports all the muzzle attachments. Unfortunately, there is no space for any grip and magazine attachments, unlike other SMG's gun. The PP Bizon 19 in PUBG Mobile can deal with single-shot damage of 35, and the fire rate of this weapon is very similar to the UMP-9.

When to use this weapon effectively?

So according to my opinion, if you find this weapon just after landing on the spot, then you must use this till you kill all enemies around you. After the sector is clear, replace it with any Assault Rifle to have a better performance in the rest of the game.If we take an in-depth look in the stats of this weapon, you will find that this weapon is not effective in terms of performance later in the match. As this weapon is commonly used for Short-range and mid-range fights. The velocity of the bullet fired by this weapon is too low that it can deal with slight damage in the fights ranged more than 100m. But it has the advantage of a fully kitted weapon during the early game as the recoil is too easy to control and you didn't need to reload most of the time.

So this is the full guide about this new weapon and if you still have any doubts regarding this, feel free to post it in the comments section.

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