PUBG Guide: How to choose the best grip for guns in PUBG Mobile

Choose the best grip in PUBG Mobile
Choose the best grip in PUBG Mobile
Aniket Thakkar

In PUBG Mobile, choosing the right attachment is as vital as selecting the right weapons. These attachments buff the weapon stats, making them more efficient against enemies. Players need to understand trivial facts and details of the game to be victorious, and the growing eSports scene has made players contemplate these details more and more.

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One addition that can increase accuracy and stability are grips, which are attachments that can be equipped on various guns and significantly impact your performance. Every grip is quite different and has to be used for the right purpose.

Here are the various grips in PUBG Mobile

#1 Half Grip

Half grip (Picture courtesy:
Half grip (Picture courtesy:

This is one of the most flexible grips in the game. The half grip slightly reduces vertical as well as horizontal recoil. It also reduces time for recoil recovery, and is quite suitable for spraying down enemies at medium range. The only drawback is that it reduces the stability of the gun.

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#2 Thumb Grip

Thumb grip (Picture courtesy:
Thumb grip (Picture courtesy:

The main advantage of the thumb grip is that it reduces the scope opening time. It decreases the vertical and horizontal recoil to an extent, and also makes the weapon slightly more stable. Owing to these features, this grip can ideally be used with a scoped weapon.

#3 Vertical Grip

Vertical grip (Picture courtesy:
Vertical grip (Picture courtesy:

As the name suggests, this grip reduces the vertical recoil when firing, and provides stability when shooting enemies. It makes more sense to use this grip with guns with high vertical recoil, and when firing at medium to long range.

#4 Angled Grip

Angled grip (Picture courtesy:
Angled grip (Picture courtesy:

Angled grip reduces the horizontal recoil and also increases the ADS speed, i.e, speed of opening the scope. Both come at the cost of weapon stability, though. Due to the above factors, it becomes easier to gun down enemies at close range.

#5 Light Grip

Light grip (Picture courtesy:
Light grip (Picture courtesy:

It is the only grip that doesn’t affect the vertical or horizontal recoil directly. In turn, it reduces the time taken for recoil recovery and increases stability of the gun. These features make it optimum for tapping down enemies.

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The choice of grips in PUBG Mobile is heavily dependent on the weapon and the preference of players. It also matters whether the player is bursting, tapping or spraying. The range of the fight also is a factor that comes into the picture when choosing the right grip. For example, it makes more sense to use a vertical grip during long-range fights.

So the best grip is the one which serves the purpose of the situation. Players can choose the grip based on their buffs and the guns they use in PUBG Mobile.

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