PUBG LITE: Top 5 Loot Spots in PUBG Map Sanhok

Image Courtesy: Sportskeeda website
Image Courtesy: Sportskeeda website
Anuj Gupta

PUBG LITE has been a hit game like the other versions PUBG PC and Mobile. The LITE version of the game has a challenging and learning curve to it when it comes to general gameplay. Shooting, farming and coordination all feel different in the new PUBG LITE version and so does the farm distribution. Hunting for good weapons and high level gears can be a tedious task.

We will focus on the PUBG map of Sanhok, which is a small yet extremely challenging location. The gameplay is generally faster on smaller maps, everything from farming to fighting to survive till the very end is comparatively a lot faster than the famous map of Erangle. In such a fast paced map it is extremely vital that you know where to farm and get ready for the enemies. We have put together the top five spots on the map which will give you great loot. We will put three parameters under each quality, these parameters will tell you about the quality, quantity and risk at these locations.

Disclaimer: Loot algorithms are not constant so there may be some variation on a few occasions

#5 Camp Charlie/ Camp Bravo/Camp Alpha

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Image Courtesy:

Loot Quality: Medium- High

Loot Quantity: Medium-High

Risk: Medium- High

All the camps are located in the different parts Sanhok. They are a collection of houses in close vicinity of each other. These places offer excellent loot if you are searching for Assault rifles. They also offer SMGs and occasionally one can find one or two great sniper rifle like M24 or Kar98K. You will also be able to find adequate heal supplies and level two vests or maybe level three if you are lucky. Although these camps have medium to high loot quantity it will be just enough for a squad.

Not many people opt to land on camps but if the plane’s path falls on them, there might be few people dropping off. It is best to be aware of people landing before or after you. These places are a great option if you are not able to cope with the fast paced combats in Boot Camp or Paradise-Resort.

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#4 Ha Tinh

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Image Courtesy:

Loot Quality: Medium-High

Loot Quantity: High

Risk: Medium- High

Ha Tinh is located in the North-West part of Sanhok. It contains houses, buildings and warehouses which offer a variety of loot. One can easily get great ARs and medium to high damage snipers. There are ample backpacks and heal supplied too. You can also get good level vests and weapon attachments to aid in fighting. We had also spotted Med Kits and Adrenaline Syringe here.

Ha Tinh is not a very famous location but people might drop here if they find it convenient with the plane’s path. Combat here is not a very big challenge as the place has plenty of covers and houses to hide in. It is a great option for people looking to farm safe but keep in mind that there are times when Ha Tinh falls out of the circle very easily and the blue zone covers very fast on a small map like Sanhok.

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#3 Ruins

Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

Loot Quality: Medium-Very High

Loot Quantity: High

Risk: Medium-Very High

Ruins could easily go down number two or four in this list. However, because of its very unpredictable loot quality we have decided to place it third. Ruins is an abandoned temple which has a mix of low and high ground. The place usually offers Assault Rifles, few SMGs and occasionally sniper rifles like M24 and Kar98K. One can also find First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages, Energy Drinks easily. The loot is scattered all around the temple and in the nearby huts.

The terrain of Ruins makes it extremely difficult to spot enemies. Hence, fighting here is a challenge. The temple is in the centre of huts and there are even more structures in between them which can be used as cover and hiding spots. Good skills in short distance combat is extremely necessary to survive in Ruins and farm the area.

#2 Paradise-Resort

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Image Courtesy:

Loot Quality: High-Extreme

Loot Quantity: Very High

Risk: Very High-Extreme

Paradise-Resort is located in the North-East region of the Sanhok map. Although the location is small, it is a clustered group of structures. This place has really great loot, sometimes snipers like M24 and Kar98k are available in this region with abundance of Assault Rifles and SMGs. You will also find ample First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages, Energy Drinks and if you are lucky Med Kits and Adrenaline Syringe.

The resort is a group of nine structures which are joint together with inclusion of stairs. The structure makes this place really dangerous as all the loot attracts a lot of people. Short distance combat should be really good in order to survive in this region, I would suggest using SMGs for the first few minutes as they are really great weapon to burst fire in short range. Once you survive the combats you will be open to really great and quality loot.

#1 Boot Camp

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Image Courtesy:

Loot Quality: Very High

Loot Quantity: Very High

Risk: Extreme

Boot Camp is a small location in the middle of the map. It is one of the most contested places on the map and that is for a reason. The place is filled with amazing loot with more than enough weapon and gear spawns. You will find Assault Rifles like M416 and SCAR-L which are great and consistent ARs in the game. You can also find deadly snipers like M24 and Kar98K which are great long range options. Health aids like First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages and Energy Drinks are also ample and so are weapon attachments.

The risk of dropping on Boot Camp is extreme for a reason, the place is very congested and has many angles to cover and it is literally the best Deathmatch location in PUBG. Coupled with the fact that enemy will have good weapons in hand makes it even more risky. However, if you manage to survive Boot Camp you will come out with some great and quality loot.

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