PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta features: Aftermath 2.0, football-themed mode, and more

PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta APK has introduced a new variant of Aftermath (Image via Tencent)
PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta APK has introduced a new variant of Aftermath (Image via Tencent)

Tencent rolled out the 2.2 patch for PUBG Mobile in September 2022, which brought an assortment of additions to the game, including the Nusa map. The title's current version is already a month old, and fans can expect the 2.3 update to launch in November 2022.

The developers are already gearing up for the new addition, as the 2.3 beta is now available for download. Players can install the APK and witness unreleased content like Aftermath 2.0, a football-themed mode, and their exclusive features. In the following section, readers can learn more about both the new inclusions in PUBG Mobile's 2.3 beta version.

Note: These features are limited to the beta version and might not appear in the final update. Besides PUBG Mobile, Indian fans should note that Krafton will not release these additions for BGMI as MeitY has blocked their favorite game.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta: Developers tease Aftermath 2.0 and football-themed mode

2.3 beta is available now (Image via Tencent)
2.3 beta is available now (Image via Tencent)

The new beta version for the upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.3 update has teased two new additions to the game: Aftermath 2.0 and a football-themed mode. These will further introduce some exclusive features that players can experience by installing the beta APK.

Aftermath 2.0

New content via Aftermath 2.0 (Image via Tencent)
New content via Aftermath 2.0 (Image via Tencent)

Tencent introduced Aftermath in January via PUBG Mobile's 1.8 patch update. The name of the new map was quite befitting, as it was based on scenic Livik but against the backdrop of wars and destruction. Therefore, the unique setting gave it a post-apocalyptic appeal.

The new iteration of the famous map is expected to retain that charm of Aftermath but introduce some new upgrades. Some of the few exclusive features that are a part of Aftermath 2.0 are given as follows:

  • Armor Upgrades: Developers have upgraded the Armor into enhanced Vests with Armor slots. One can use Armor pieces scattered across the map to make their Vest more durable.
  • Firearm Upgrades: Aftermath will feature Upgrade Crates, which help upgrade firearms and increase their damage.
  • New Energy Mechanics: Energy will be used to heal HP after taking damage instead of dropping readily.
  • Consumables Adjustments: Developers have added new First Aid Kits and Energy Drinks. The former will restore HP (which is not capped at 75), while the latter's consumption speed has enhanced.
  • Crates: You can find in the map crates to get supplies and upgrade items.
  • New Bunkers: Aftermath will have eight Bunkers, each of which will have military supplies. Furthermore, there will be guards that will protect the supplies.
  • Treasure Maps: One will be able to randomly find Treasure Maps throughout Aftermath and employ them to mark the location of a crate on the mini-map.
  • Semi Truck: The map will randomly spawn Semi Trucks that will offer great supplies.
  • Medicine Cabinet: A medical device mounted on the wall that will help in HP recovery upon interaction.
  • Guard Posts: The map will have four Guard Posts, where Guards and crates will spawn.
  • Recall Towers: A location in Aftermath where one will have to defend for some time to recall the teammates.
  • Shop Recall: One will be able to use Shop Tokens to recall teammates.

Aftermath 2.0 is now available in the beta APK of PUBG Mobile 2.3.

Football-themed Mode (limited preview)

PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta will welcome a football-themed mode (Image via YouTube/AU PAID GAMERS)
PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta will welcome a football-themed mode (Image via YouTube/AU PAID GAMERS)

Besides the introduction of Aftermath 2.0, fans will get to see a limited preview of a football-themed mode in PUBG Mobile via 2.3 beta. Here are some details related to the unreleased game mode:

  • Maps for the football-themed mode: Erangel, Livik, Nusa
  • New Tactical Item- Golden Shoes: Useful for elevating Sprinting speed.
  • New Throwable - Football:
  • New Themed Area - Football Carnival:
  1. Developers have upgraded Erangel's mine-pit area with a new Football Carnival environment.
  2. One will be able to experience a Middle Eastern-style urban area full of supplies and special themed items.
  3. Football Carnival will have a treasury with a timer, where users will be able to compete to get their hands on supplies.
  4. Availability of Launchers around Football Carnival for a limited period.
  5. A Respawn Card in the urban area will help players (eliminated in Football Carnival) to respawn again.
  • Football Air Drops: Developers have replaced Flare Guns with Football Air Drop Guns (for football-like airdrops).
  • Football Cover: Players will get to use a randomly spawned medium-sized cover in the form of a football.
  • Football-themed Spawn Island: Spawn Island will get a decoration with a football theme.

The football-themed PUBG Mobile game mode will go live in the 2.3 version on October 22.

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