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PUBG Mobile: Best DMR Rifles you should know about

Kuldeep Thapa
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Property of Tencent gaming
Property of Tencent gaming

Player Unknown Battlegrounds a.k.a PUBG mobile is a game which has kept players clinging to their mobile phones for quite some time now. The game which was released early this year has already crossed 100 million downloads with active daily players around 14 million.

The game will be officially released on September 4 on Xbox One. The PUBG Lite version, which is targeted towards lower budget phones is also expected to hit the global market soon.

Last time we looked at the best Bolt action sniper rifles in the game. This time we will take a look at all the Designated Marksman Rifle in the game, more commonly known as DMR.

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DMR fills the hole between assault rifles and Bolt action sniper rifles. They have a more rapid firing pattern but less fire rate than an assault rifle. The damage is also somewhere between the damages caused by both of the above mentioned snipers.

These guns generally have a higher bullet velocity. Let's take a detailed look at all the DMR:

#4 Mini14

Mini 14
Mini 14

Mini 14 is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle that can be found across the map. It takes 5.56 mm calibre bullets and has the lowest damage in the DMR category.

The gun makes up for this disadvantage by having the highest muzzle velocity in the game. This gun also has a low bullet drop and a large mag size as well. They can be effective in close combats when you don't have time to switch to an automatic rifle.

The Mini 14 sniper rifle has a base damage of 46 and a bullet speed of 990 m/s. The gun takes the following attachments:

Muzzle - Suppressor, Compensator and Flash Hider.

Magazine - Quickdraw Mag, Extended Mag, and Extended Quickdraw Mag.

Scope - Every Scope.

The gun has a mag size of 20 which can be extended up to 30. The gun will deal maximum damage in the range of 90 meters, after which it will decrease to 420 meters.

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