PUBG Mobile: Close-range guide (August 2023)

Tactics to win close-range fight in PUBG Mobile
Tactics to win close-range fights in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)

Close-range combat in PUBG Mobile necessitates quick reflexes, intelligent thinking, and pinpoint accuracy. Staying ahead in close-quarters fights requires responding to changing game conditions as of August 2023. However, as time passes, opponents are getting increasingly proficient in close encounters, and if you want to catch up, you need to learn a few tactics to gain a competitive edge.

This article emphasizes three critical factors for efficiently dominating close-range battles in PUBG Mobile.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Tips to win close-range fights in PUBG Mobile

1) Weapon selection and loadout optimization


Weapon balancing tweaks in PUBG Mobile's ever-changing battlefield can have a substantial impact on close-range combat methods. Keep up to date on the most recent weapon data and tier lists.

Shotguns like the S12K and DBS remain dominating choices as of August 2023 due to their massive damage output at close range. Submachine guns (SMGs) like the UMP45 and UZI are also solid choices, with fast fire rates and controlled recoil.

When building your loadout, look for a mix that can handle a variety of close-range conditions. Combine a shotgun or SMG with a secondary weapon that can be used at medium to close ranges. An assault rifle, like the M416, can provide steadiness and precision in situations where opponents are a little further away.

2) Movement and positioning


Positional play is critical in close-range engagements in PUBG Mobile. The goal is to catch opponents off guard while limiting their opportunities to move around or retaliate.

Use cover efficiently to decrease your exposure while keeping a clear line of sight on your target. Peek from various angles and practice the "strafe and shoot" technique, which entails sidestepping while firing. This can make you a difficult target to hit, boosting your odds of surviving in close combat.

Furthermore, sound cues are paramount in close-range combat. With the correct headphones, you can hear your opponents' footsteps and activities. This auditory information can provide you an advantage in predicting their movements, allowing you to more effectively organize your tactics.

3) Aim and recoil management


Accuracy is critical in close-range combat in PUBG Mobile. Regular aiming drills and sensitivity adjustments can help you improve your aim. Maximum gyroscope sensitivity has changed to 400, so make sure yours are optimized for quick but accurate targeting.

Recoil management is also important, particularly when utilizing automatic guns. To counteract vertical recoil, master the technique of dragging down on your screen. When combined with regulated bursts of fire, this approach maintains accuracy while causing significant damage. Spend time in training mode fine-tuning your control over the recoil patterns of various weapons.

Lastly, hip-firing is sometimes underrated yet can be extremely successful at close ranges in PUBG Mobile. Hip-firing with different weapons will help you grasp their spread patterns and engage quickly when your ADS (Aim Down Sights) time is restricted.

Note: The Indian government has imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile. Players from that region are advised to try out Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).