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PUBG Mobile: How to get free premium crates

Free premium crates
Free premium crates
Modified 24 May 2020

Every PUBG Mobile player craves for skins, outfits and emotes. Each dedicated gamer wishes to have beautiful skins and outfits, even though this doesn't make them a better player. All PUBG Mobile players love free stuff, and the free premium crates as a player can help you garner legendary skins and outfits from these crates. 

Crates are the best method to get permanent skins in PUBG Mobile. However, PUBG Mobile players have to spend UC to get these crates. Althought, there are specific ways to get free premium crates in PUBG Mobile.

But here are the ways by which one can get the premium crates for free. 


Below are the ways by which players can get the premium crates for free:

#1 Achievement points

Players get achievement points, when they complete an achievement. PUBG Mobile players are rewarded with premium crate coupons at different stages of achievement points. 

500 points – 2 premium crate coupons

800 points – 3 premium crate coupons


1200 points – 4 premium crate coupons, and so forth.

You can complete the new Lifelong Learner achievement by playing Brothers in Arms matches to get achievement points quickly. 

#2 Redeem Codes

Redeem codes is another way of getting premium crate coupons for free. Redeem codes are given out by PUBG Mobile during events such as collaborations, festivals and holidays on their live streams or social media accounts. 

New Redeem Codes
New Redeem Codes

Click here to get the updated list of redeem codes. 

It is very tough to claim these redeem codes as there is a restriction on the number of players that can claim the redeem codes. 

Click here to know how to use the redeem codes.

Several videos claim that using a VPN while opening crates provides a higher odds of getting a legendary item.

Even if this is true, it is illegal and not recommended to use a VPN as it is against the Terms of Service of Tencent games. It can lead to a permanent ban for the use of third party applications. 

Also Read: Is it legal to use VPN in PUBG Mobile. 

Published 24 May 2020, 12:19 IST
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