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PUBG Mobile: How the new K/D system has changed PUBG Mobile forever

Kill-Death ratio (Before and After). Picture Courtesy: Sportskeeda
Kill-Death ratio (Before and After). Picture Courtesy: Sportskeeda
Modified 18 May 2020

The latest season of PUBG Mobile introduced a new system of calculating the Kill-Death ratio, and all the PUBG Mobile players have gone gaga over it. The game's developers explained the rationale behind changing the Kill-Death ratio. While the chais good news for many PUBG Mobile players, a few of them are not quite satisfied with it.

PUBG's old Kill-Death ratio:

Previously, the Kill Death ratio in PUBG was calculated on the basis of the number of kills a player had to the number of deaths. So in this way, many players boosted their Kill-Death ratio just by surviving till the end, with minimum kills. 

Therefore, Kill-Death ratio = Total Kills / Total Deaths.

PUBG's Kill-Death ratio now:

Kill-Death ratio. Picture Courtesy: Sportskeeda
Kill-Death ratio. Picture Courtesy: Sportskeeda

Now, the new PUBG update has brought a new feature where the Kill-Death ratio is calculated based on the number of kills in each game, irrespective of whether the player survived till the end or not.

For example, if the number of kills in your previous game is 10 and in the next game it is 7, your Kill-Death ratio will go down, even if you won both the games. You have to kill 10 or more than 10 people in the next match, instead of 7, in order to retain or increase your Kill-Death ratio.


Therefore, Kill-Death ratio = Total Kills / Total Number of matches played.

Tips to Increase your PUBG Kill-Death Ratio

Since the old technique of increasing your Kill-Death ratio in the game won't work anymore, here is a list of tips you may use to increase your K-D ratio in PUBG:

  • Try to land in a less popular place. You may get less loot, but you are less likely to face pro players. You can kill the bots, which would increase your number of kills. Then you may gradually move towards the more popular areas after looting from your initial kills.
  • Don’t hesitate to go and kill that one player hiding on the first floor of the next building.
  • Try to get hold of powerful machine gun and assault rifles like M416, M762 and UMP45. More powerful the gun, the sooner you can kill.
  • Try to get hold of scopes and don’t hesitate to kill someone far away from you. Use a sniper rifle with a good scope and try to take a steady aim before shooting.
  • Always aim for the head, it ensures a quick kill. Remember Thor’s mistake in his attempt to kill Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War?
  • Make less use of defensive tactics and play more aggressively.

Ultimately, it is good news for PUBG players who have an aggressive approach but bad news for those who love to play the game defensively. The new season has made PUBG Mobile more of a shooting game rather than a survival game.

Published 18 May 2020, 18:25 IST
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