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PUBG Mobile: Players get banned as they play Payload Mode; PUBG rectifies the bug

24 Oct 2019, 08:52 IST

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode 
PUBG Mobile Payload Mode 

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile has finally taken Payload Mode live earlier on 23rd October. The new gaming mode has been teased by PUBG Mobile for quite a while now and it has been on the beta version for more than a month. The version 0.15.0 update's patch notes that was posted on October 14, 2019, hosted a mention of the Payload Mode. However, it was not rolled out when the update went live on October 16, 2019.

What is the Payload Mode on PUBG Mobile?

Payload Mode is a new EvoGround gaming mode on PUBG Mobile. Set in Erangel, the new gaming mode brings along a host of new features, weapons and vehicles. The Payload mode should be played in squads of four and hosts 100 players at once. Players who get killed could be respawned in this mode when their teammates collect their ID and present it at the respawn tower.

New vehicles including helicopters and BRDM-2 have been introduced into the Payload Mode along with repair kits. New weapons such as M3E1-A, MGL Grenade Launcher, RPG 7 Sawed-off Granade launcher, etc will also be available in the mode.

Why were players banned upon opening the Payload Mode on PUBG Mobile?

The new Payload Mode on PUBG Mobile had just gone live and players have already begun reporting problems with it. Many were reportedly banned from the game as soon as they were asked to switch data modes as they begun playing the Payload Mode. Lot of players took to social media including Twitter to call out PUBG Mobile upon getting banned without a legitimate reason.

The issue was particularly expected to be prevailing amongst Indian players and PUBG Mobile India tweeted that they had tweaked the bug as an assurance that the issue won't be prevailing. PUBG Mobile India on October 23, 2019 tweeted:


Most of the fans have otherwise been enjoying the Payload Mode and have flooded Twitter with praises.

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