PUBG Mobile: The best way to spot campers (August 2023)

Tactics to spot a camper in PUBG Mobile
Tactics to spot a camper in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)

PUBG Mobile's adrenaline-pumping battle royale experience continues to attract players worldwide. The tactical battlefield has changed as of August 2023, with identifying and counteracting campers being critical for victory. Such players are known for their stealth and patience, and present a one-of-a-kind challenge to others. This challenge in turn necessitates the use of specific techniques to uncover a camper's position.

This article looks at five crucial ways to detect campers and gain an advantage in PUBG Mobile's matches.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Tips to spot a camper in PUBG Mobile

1) Decoding camper behavior


Understanding the psychology of camping behavior is critical to spotting it properly in PUBG Mobile. Campers exhibit various patterns that are discernible with attentive observation. Here are some of them:

Stealthy inactivity

Campers are well-known for their endurance. They stay in covert positions for extended periods, waiting for opponents to approach.

Strategic location

Camping locations frequently provide excellent vantage points or are located in high-traffic areas. These allows them to monitor and ambush unsuspecting opponents.

Opportunistic strikes

Campers occasionally reveal themselves through rash firing aimed at nearby foes. These unexpected shots can reveal their presence and position.

2) Observation techniques


Developing keen observation abilities is essential to successfully detect campers in PUBG Mobile. To find them, use the following methods:


While moving, scan your surroundings regularly. Even minor motions or glimmers in the distance can indicate the presence of a camper.

Auditory evaluation

Train yourself to recognize aural cues like footsteps, gunshots, or windows breaking. A camper's movements and possible location can be deduced by a careful listener.

Strategic scoping

Use weapon scopes to thoroughly check potential hiding places such as windows, roofs, and shrubs. Zooming in can reveal hidden opponents in a match.

3) Map mastery and tactical insights


A thorough understanding of the battleground's layout is critical to detect campers effectively in PUBG Mobile. Follow these techniques to do so:

Identifying hotspots

Recognize high-traffic areas where campers may hide, such as buildings near lucrative loot zones and natural chokepoints. Predicting their spots can be made easier by identifying these places.

Terrain familiarity

Learn about the map's geographical features, elevation changes, and potential hiding places. With this knowledge, you can anticipate camper movements and placements.

Team communication and coordination

Effective communication can be a game-changer in squad-based modes. Here are some tips:

  • Information exchange: Communicate with your teammates for any evidence of enemy activity, movements, or probable camper hideouts.
  • Flanking techniques: Coordination is required to approach suspicious camper spots from various directions. This method increases the likelihood of detecting and eradicating them.

4) Utilizing environmental clues


The environment can be a valuable source of information in and of itself. Follow these tips in the game:

Open doors

Keep an eye out for doors that have been left open or are broken, which indicates recent player activity in the region.

Unclaimed loot

Keep an eye out for high-quality loot that has gone unclaimed. This could indicate the existence of a camper's spot nearby.

Zone shrink dynamics

Due to the shrinking play zone, campers may be forced to relocate, potentially exposing themselves throughout their movements.

5) Strategy adaptation and engagement preparation


Mastering camper detection in the ever-changing PUBG Mobile scenario necessitates adaptability and smart thinking. Remember these following tips:

Dynamic baiting

Use controlled noise or movement to lure campers out of hiding. When attempting this approach, be prepared for an ambush.

Discreet approach

Approach potential hiding areas with caution to reduce noise and movement in PUBG Mobile. If campers are not watchful, a sneaky approach can catch them by surprise.

It is also worth noting that maps like Sanhok and Erangel attract more campers than any other in this battle royale game because of their features. Nevertheless, you can avoid this dilemma by incorporating the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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