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PUBG Update: PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.5 Leaked; Here is What All You Can Expect in PUBG Mobile Season 7

Tarun Sayal
6.52K   //    13 May 2019, 15:22 IST

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

New PUBG Mobile update is around the corner and players already want to know what is going to be new in the epic battle royale game. As you know that developers are delivering very interesting updates after every 2-3 months and have never failed to win the heart of their players. PUBG Mobile season 6 is about to end and according to leaks season 7 will start on 18 May 7:30 AM IST. It is great news for the players. A lot of hype has been created for PUBG Mobile Season 7 and 0.12.5 update.

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The patch notes are not officially released by developers yet. yet there are some leaks regarding to PUBG update 0.12.5.

1.Trail System

Trail System
Trail System

If you have tested the beta version of PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 you have seen that after jumping from airplane a colorful trail will radiate from parachute. This feature is very similar from that of Apex Legends landing system which will reveal the landing position of the enemy. Now it its not sure that it is available for every player or only for those players who have purchased the royal pass.

2. New Beard Look

Beard Look
Beard Look

In player customization, they have added a new beard section which means players can apply beard on their avatar face which provides funky and more cool looks. In beta update only single style of beard is available. May be in upcoming update in global version they can add more styles.

3. Death animation

While testing beta update I have noticed one important thing that when I kill any enemy his death animation changes as compared to global version of PUBG Mobile. So we can also expect new death animation in upcoming update.

4. New Gun Skorpion

A new PUBG weapon skorpion is coming in new update. It is some king of machine pistol which very similar to CZ75 weapon in CS:GO. This weapon is already available in Steam version of PUBG and was first introduced in Test Server PC 1.0 update #23. It uses 9MM bullets and can load up to 20 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine. Other attachments on muzzle, stock and grip will also available.


5. New lobby effect

In the beta test of 0.12.5 whenever you enter a new lobby, a colorful entrance effect will appear. It is some kind of welcome whenever a new player will join the lobby.

That's all for this update information. Once again it is informed that these are just leaks and notes that is seen in PUBG Mobile beta testing 0.12.5. If you also want to play beta 0.12.5 of PUBG Mobile, read this article:

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