PUBG New State (Mobile) map: Confirmed locations, features, and more

PUBG New State Mobile locations revealed (Image via Twitter)
PUBG New State Mobile locations revealed (Image via Twitter)

PUBG Mobile fans have plenty of reasons to celebrate as Krafton Inc. has recently revealed two PUBG New State Mobile locations.

Ever since the official announcement was released in February 2021, gamers have taken a keen interest in the title. PUBG Mobile fans showed their support by pre-registering for the game.

The developers revealed that PUBG New State Mobile crossed more than 10 million pre-registrations within a few weeks.

Players were eager to know about the probable locations of PUBG New State Mobile. Krafton Inc. dropped two locations simultaneously on their social media sites. This article unpacks the details of the two locations.

PUBG New State Mobile: Krafton Inc. teases locations from the game

PUBG New State Mobile is set in the city of Troi in the year 2051. Players will experience battle royale with a futuristic touch added to the game with weapons and ammunition.

Several teasers have revealed the inclusion of drones as well as technically advanced vehicles. Krafton Inc. has worked diligently to bring forth a change in terms of gaming graphics.

Gamers were elated to learn about these revelations. However, PUBG Mobile fans were eager to get a glimpse of some of the locations of the city of Troi in PUBG New State Mobile.

The first location that the developers revealed served as the exhibition center of Troi. The "Exhibit Hall" was once a popular destination among tourists. However, it now serves as a popular destination for survivors.

It is speculated that the developers have revealed that the "Exhibit Hall" will be a major spawn point for weapons, ammunition, and other survival amenities. Therefore, players can expect this location to be a hot spot for landing.

The city of Troi was once a city that boasted of a vibrant lifestyle. The developers have maintained this narrative and revealed a second location for PUBG New State Mobile.

Krafton Inc. revealed that a shopping mall could be found on the PUBG New State Mobile map. "The Mall" was once a popular hub for the people of Troi for its shopping and dining experiences.

The image reveals that the popular destination now stands barren and silent. Players expect this location to be another major spawn point for PUBG New State Mobile.

Both locations reveal significant details regarding gameplay. The futuristic style of architecture gives PUBG Mobile fans the concept of surviving in the year 2051.

The difference between the buildings of PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State Mobile is clearly visible. Although players are yet to see the complete image, it is safe to state that the developers have successfully implemented the futuristic theme.

Alpha testing for PUBG New State Mobile will commence soon in the US region. It is anticipated that the developers will make the necessary changes with the feedback received from the tests before rolling out the global version.

Krafton Inc. has started revealing the locations from PUBG New State Mobile. Therefore, gamers are advised to keep an eye on their social media if the developers decide to reveal some more locations from the map.

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