PUBG Update: PUBG Patch 24 includes Snow Map, Canted Red Dot Sight, New rank system and more

Hrithik Raj

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds new patch details were revealed by the PlayerUnknown's Battleground community manager for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macaw in a podcast with a content creator who goes by the name kimi69. The details revealed about the patch 24 are quite intriguing and its what the players, entire PlayerUnknown's Battleground Community was waiting for. Below are the list of new things and changes which you will get to see in the upcoming Patch 24 of PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

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  • There will be a new reward system for parachuting and rank, the player can earn better rewards with better rank and creative, fast parachuting techniques.
  • A new and more advanced cheat engine will be added in the game which will ban players as soon as they turn on the cheats. The banned players' name will be displayed in the kill feed. Simply said, the new anti-cheat system will work same as we see in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The new snow map will be added in the test servers before the 31st of December. Not only that, the new snow map "Vikendi" will also include two weather types, most probably the night mode and the blizzard mode.
  • Footprints are finally confirmed in the game and it can be used to track down players.
  • Not only footprints, but it is also confirmed that vehicle tracks can also be used in the game to track down players.
  • The PlayerUnknown's Battleground Community manager also confirmed that there will be new fast vehicle added in the new snow map, which gives clear indication of a vehicle like snow mobile has a high chance to be added in the new map.
  • Canted Sights (red dots ) are also confirmed and it would be added in PUBG patch 24.

The new PUBG update would arrive before December 31st. We will update you all if any new news arrives. Until then stick to Sportskeeda.

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