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PUBG Upcoming Update 27a Brings Wildlife in Battle Royale, New Mobile Phones added in game to Take Selfie and Play PUBG Mobile

Hrithik Raj
04 Apr 2019, 00:48 IST


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' upcoming update 27a is bringing a new level of detail to the games pre-existing maps. The Maps of PUBG are going to be filled with a wild animal specific to each map. PUBG new update introduces new animation and artificial intelligence to the dinosaurs in the Dino Park of snow map Vikendi. PUBG Update 27a is a revolutionary update, as it introduces a new moon map in the game. The new update features several major and minor updates. Updates that might look small at first glance but affects the entire game. PUBG update 27a has a lot to talk about, check out my previous article on the update which explains about the new moon map, additional new contents which will be added to the game, Shroud's scooter accident easter egg and more. Now without any further ado, let's talk about some of the new gameplay features that we are going to experience in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' update 27a.

  • Added new animations and AI to the dinosaurs in Dino Park on Vikendi.
  • All players now start each game with a cell phone in their inventory.
  • Players can use the phone to play PUBG Mobile while camping in houses or waiting for the zone.
  • The phone may also be used to take in-game selfies and will post automatically to linked social media accounts.

As mentioned above PUBG's upcoming update is going to bring a huge change by adding a mobile phone. Players can now enjoy their in-game leisure time by playing PUBG Mobile in PUBG. Not only that they can now even share some of the epic moments and mesmerizing details of the game to their friends on social media by using the new mobile phone to take selfies and sharing them. This is sure hell of a news for our fellow campers of PUBG, who simply wasted their time at a single spot in order to ambush people. Now they can spend their in-game time by playing PUBG Mobile in PUBG.

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